Subject: Re: [NYCGA-IWG] Re: combine forces on liquid democracy / proxy voting system
From: fragro
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2011 09:14:12 -0600

Do you have any details on the voting application you developed? I am the developer of openassembly and I am interested in facilitating any experiments you want to try.

The issue is that we have to keep these experiments small until we develop a trust network to ensure the validity of the voting process.

We are in the process of outlining the fundamental concepts and the different proposals here.

I encourage you to add voting methods, projects, or resources. We want to build a suite of decisioning tools that can filter together in a standardized way, as well as a trust network that is robust.

Frank Grove

On Wed, Nov 9, 2011 at 7:12 AM, Jackrabbit <> wrote:

PAER has already developed a voting application we hope to test as
soon as we get the hardware for it.

On Nov 9, 4:41 am, Ingvar Bogdahn <>
> Hi again,
> I heard that some people in NY started coding up a voting system, that
> allows participatory, direct democracy, similar to those principles to
> Is that true? If yes, could somebody please point me to that team? Maybe it
> would be better to combine forces and work and improve existing things?
> There already exist several such projects, two important ones that i know
> of (another good one in france) that are already pretty well-thought-out
> and stable. Why make up another new one? They are already in heavy use,
> i.e. by a the "pirates", a new party in germany that kickstarted to almost
> 10% and they base themselves on the ideal of "liquid democracy". Several
> other parties and dozens of associations use it, also some public
> institutions.
> For more background on that, a working group fellow summed it up here
> There are at least two such systems:
> adhocracy: and in real life
> (public german enquete commission "internet and digital society":)
> "liquid feedback":
> and   see the work of that pirate
> party (german):
> the systems themselves are of course completely translated in english, both.
> what are your particular goals? I heard you want it to be decentralized? We
> might find a way to adapt the existing ones. They both use sql, but we
> might find a way to distribute I.e. some distributed file system, or there
> are some NoSQL that speak limited sql and have Acid transactions.
> best,
> Ingvar
> PS: sorry for double posting, forgot some links.  Btw, is this the right
> forum? is it ok that I post things like that here?

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