Subject: [NYCGA-IWG] [Interocc] Movile Occupation Survey for East Coast occupations
From: Drew H
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 17:57:38 -0500

If you are on the east coast and would like to have a bus load of people come down to share†experience please respond to this:


The Mobile Occupation working group @ OWS in NYC is coordinating a one month East Coast Solidarity Tour to visit 10 cities between NYC & †Florida to share information and help establish the inter-occupation infrastructure.

This survey is an initiative to compile information from each occupation to assess your current status, goals and needs.

Please respond to this survey via email (to with a report-back from your Occupation by Wednesday, November 16th at 7pm.

1. What is your current infrastructure?
- how big is your occupation?
- what is the physical location for your occupation?
- list any websites affiliated with your occupation
- point(s) of contact
- do you currently conduct general assemblies (if so, when & where?)
- have you established working groups (if so, what are they? are there points of contact for each?)
2. Current projects & initiatives:
- what would you like to share with other cities?
- what is your vision?
3. Best practices:
- what have been the biggest challenges?
- what have you learned?
- what is working well?
- what initiatives have been successfully implemented?
- are you aware of the current platforms being developed to share resources? (, permabank, wiki.occupyeverywhere)

4. Have you been in contact with parallel working groups in other occupations?
- If so, which city, who is your contact (please include relevant details)

5. What are the best ways we can help? (ie. facilitation training, NVC training, physical resources, tech development, sustainability initiatives)

More information about our group and initiative can be found at:

Questions? email

Mobile Occupation Working Group Charter

This group is forming in response to the requests and the growing needs for interconnectedness within the global occupation. To this end we propose the Mobile Occupation working group. The purpose of the mobile occupation is to help this global movement thrive, not to be representatives of OWS.

The Goals of the Mobile Occupation are:
- Information exchange (sharing information and best practices)
- Educational training (ie: facilitation, intro to direct democracy, non-violent communication & mediation)
- To develop the inter-occupational infrastructure
- To boost the morale of other occupations and grow a culture of sustainability, non-violence, peace, self-empowerment, patience, compassion, creativity, cooperation, and innovation

Outreach to Occupations
For the purpose of establishing effective communication and building bridges between occupations we propose contacting each occupation to learn more about their current infrastructure and goals (how big, what is working, what hasnít worked, where they see the movement going, how can we help).

Outreach to OWS working groups
We are requesting a report from each working group and caucus to compile and share with other occupations. This report should include contact information for the working group, a couple of personal contacts, the focus or purpose of the working group, lessons learned, and any information, resources or initiatives they want to share. We will need the support on the ground from each working group to make this mission successful.

First steps to achieving our goals:
We will be launching our first solidarity tour of east coast occupations to begin establishing a personal and physical infrastructure for support and communication. Anyone is welcome to join this working group, or the tour. †We are seeking diversity and integration of the established working groups and caucuses to participate in the Mobile Occupation.

Future Goals:
- To develop our own transportation network
- To develop a mobile skill-sharing network
- Assist in the continually evolving inter-occupation infrastructure

* This is a living document and can be updated at any time by consensus

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