Subject: [NYCGA-IWG] University of California arrests and actions on Nov 9
From: William Leibzon
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 10:04:08 -0800

Hello everyone,

I met some of you in the month of October when I was in NY. I'm back
in CA now and there is a lot of activity here with students at UC
Berkeley and UCLA.

First, this video of university police brutally beating students is
very powerful as to what's been going at Berkeley:
The police backed down after that but then came back and at 9pm
arrested about 50 students (I'm conflicting info as to the exact
number), most were given citations and released without being taken to
jail, but some were taken and are still in jail.

At UCLA where I'm at, we had rally and then march of 200-500 students,
faculty & staff from campus to intersection of Westwood & Willshire
where bank offices are located (the march was organized by
RefundCalifornia under the slogan "Make Banks Pay", its not directly
part of "Occupy" movement but it does share many of the participants
with it). Traffic at this busiest intersection in the country was shut
down for 2.5 hours and in the end 11 students were arrested and taken
to jail. I was among the team that spent all night at the jail
entrance until we were able to get them out at 6:30 am after they
spent 14 hours being booked and processed. Happy to say everyone is ok
now. However while they were arrested for just "failure to disperse",
unlike all previous protests like this, they were not let out on their
own and west la police chief insisted on setting bail of $5000 for
each person even after we got LA mayor's office involved. UC Student
Union is fitting the bill for the bail, but support from of all of you
in regards to to police brutality in Berkeley and high bail for LA is
appreciated.  Info about UC protest can be found at:
(and many more sited I can not immediately locate as I have to go to
sleep for at least a few hours)

In solidarity,