Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Re: Livestream vs Wirecast vs Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder
From: Melissa Ulto
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2011 04:53:29 -0800 (PST)
To: Global Revolution Media

i think considering how livestream has been up and down lately on
performance, we should look at other solutions, as backups. it can't
hurt to do the research. and if livestream will donate (cause they
want the traffic/eyes for their stats/advertisers), then other vendors
prolly will. we have the eyes and audience numbers - normally,
streaming companies SPONSOR streams with this many consistent
watchers. lol.  i know they took the ads off the Occupy channels, but
they still include the numbers of viewers in their data to
advertisers, etc.

:) m.

On Nov 10, 10:20 pm, Bruce Wagner <> wrote:
Wirecast 4.1.2 for Mac.  FTW.

As I understand it, Livestream is donating a pro account.  That's saving
$350 or $450/month...?

Only Love,


Bruce Wagner
OnlyOneTV | global television network 646-580-0022
 On Nov 10, 2011 8:04 PM, "Melissa Ulto" <> wrote:

hi peeps

so the time has come to review some of our options in streaming.
ideally, we should be using a white label service we can brand and
control. but that takes $$$.

in the meantime:

- tonight for a client i tried to stream using Procaster 20.2 - what a
nightmare - grabs all system resources and lists usage at 100% and
leads to total stream fail. i'm testing later which version to roll
back to successfully and will let you know. its a known issue in the
livestream forums. ugh...

- i've also used wirecast - which version Vlad are we shooting to use?
v3.x is pretty stable but 4.x is nicer. i'm not sure if there are
newer versions. the audio issues, however, ugh...

- a new player - Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder - works with
livestream accounts - lets test this - supposedly CPU/mem lite

eventually, for the studio, i see a Tricaster 850 and HDMI cameras -
but that's down the road. we should see if we can find a livestream
white label service that might donate or give a discount. livestream
is so wonky lately and frustrating to work with.

what other options - Ustream,, Boinxtv? also some
other services that aren't big brands...suggestions?

lets actively research a longer term solution.

:) m.