Subject: [NYCGA-IWG] Re: [Ows_solutions] Project Proposal: Occupy Wall St The App (iOS/Android)
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2011 14:27:34 -0800

The reach into mobile is critical, however we caution you against 
leading with smartphones, a strategy which will tend to exclude 
those without the economic means to buy the devices / plans - often 
those without the time or personal freedom to participate in OWS 
events in - person.  That would tend to disadvantage those most in 
need of the tool, we think. 

We would instead recommend a mobile roadmap that starts from the 
most widely available, data plan-friendly, and interoperable 
services first.  

Universal Dumbphone Solution:

1) Voice Portal: we are developing a prototype of a voice portal 
system for #Occupy* as part of our Peoples' PBX project.  We have 
done an initial use case/system mockup here:

Another alternative is SMS, though reliable & performative systems 
tend to be have high variable costs relative to the cost to the 
host of serving voice or a low-bandwidth xHTML site to users with 
entry-level data plans.

High End Feature Phone Solution (eg. Brew Devices): 

2) xHTML Web Site: since ~2007, if a device supports mobile Web, it 
supports ~xHTML 1.0(ish). 


3) Webkit (/ HTML5-ish) lowest common denominator Site (cross-
smartphone solution: iOS, Android, RIM, W7, Palm...)  

4) Hybrid Application: using the Webkit core site, develop native 
app shells for iOS, Android, RIM, etc as needed; majority of app 
simply renders Webkit views, 'shell' takes advantage of native 
capabilities like local storage, notifications, add'l security, 
voting client, etc.  

Even over time as the mobile sln gets more refined, we believe many 
use cases / features will still more logically live in the lighter 
weight, more easily updated & maintained, & independent of client 
update Web hybrid zone.


As mentioned we are already working the voice portal concept in 
Peoples' PBX.

We would be willing to contribute to systems design, UX, testing, 
potentially server space & even devices. We may also be able to 
rally a few folks to get their hands dirty code-wise but no 

We hope you'll consider a modest / incremental / mass approach like 
this - given who #Occupy* claims to be & represent, we at Planetary 
think it's very important to place extraordinary priority attached 
to those users most impacted by the greed and oppression we have 
united to combat.

yours in solidarity,

On Fri, 11 Nov 2011 23:27:38 -0800 Matthew Lepacek 
<> wrote:
Tech ops is currently seeking mobile platform developers to begin
development of such an application.  There is a wealth of ideas 
and methods
of implentation available but a first step is collecting actual 
resources so we can determine a platform for development, with the 
hope of
creating one framework-product that will work on most
android/iphone/blackberry devices.  After we have gathered a list 
development-programmer resources we will conveign a series of 
meetings to
hash out the best platform solution.  After a universal platform 
is chosen
we can engage in the idea exchange of features and advisories.  
The goal at
this time is not to change a single thing about GA process, but to
compliment it 1:1 for our beta app.

I'm attaching an example concept mock-up of a system proposed 
professional voting keypads at a cost of $13/ea.  We are getting a 
system of a few commercial audience polling systems from,,, and but we are seeking 
to also
develop our own unique smartphone solution using WIFI for the long-
Part of this smartphone platform is ensuring that we have enough 
for everyone to participate, which will involve donations of older
smartphones from the public.  Our hope is that the publics 
generocity will
be suplimented by donations from manufacturers/retailers.  Those 
that have
a compatible smartphone will be able to use it, but whose who do
not--we wil make them readily available.  At this time there is no
discussion as to whether this will be adopted by the GA, we merely 
want to
present the option and develop it with the hopes of it being 
There are no guarantees.

Anyone who has experience developing mobile applications please 
email me


Matthew Lepacek

On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 2:06 AM, Naqeeb Memon 

Everyone -
I would like to propose that we build an iOS / Android app that 
will allow
Occupy Wall St (OWS) to be directly connected to the people and 
help grow
the movement.  Facebook is a great tool but a Facebook Post / 
Event don't
have the same reach as an app installed on a user's phone and 
tweets are
lost in the stream. Please review and provide any


   1. Allow Users to follow/participate in OWS events in their
   prospective cities.  We will begin with NY and expand to 
other cities.
   2. Notify Users of the next OWS planned protest through 
   events etc.
   3. Notify OWS of arrests during the protest.  The user will 
be able to
   report an individual arrest or their own arrest
   4. Allow OWS to share latest updates/content/requests with 
users in
   their prospective cities.

*Next Steps*

   1. Reach out to the Media Work Group to get their feedback 
and feature
   2. Prototype iOS / Android functionality and look and feel 
with OWS
   3. Find developers


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