Subject: [NYCGA-IWG] Fwd: [Ows_solutions] Lorea - social system
From: Ted Schulman
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 12:59:38 -0500
To: Internet Working Group

Bringing discussion back to Internet workgroup:

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From: Sam Boyer <>
Date: Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 12:47 PM
Subject: Re: [Ows_solutions] Lorea - social system

yup, we know :) we've been talking to them for a while. issue is that
it's not actually built on drupal - it's built on elgg :( but one of
their lead dev types is in #ows-fga with us, so we're DEFINITELY talking.

the interface and orientation of lorea aren't quite the same as what
we're looking at for fga - we've got a heavier groups & collaborative
tools focus, i think. the federative boundaries seem a bit different,
too, which is pertinent some foundational aspects of the user experience.

what's clear, though, is that we're all working in a very similar vein,
and we're looking at a focus on standards and interoperability - after
all, these decentralized systems oughtn't be just the new version of
silos, right?!!? so yeah, lots of conversation there, fear not.


On 11/14/11 11:59 AM, Isaac Wilder wrote:
> All,
> A fine and florid description below, but what really interests me is
> that it's
> an XMPP/Ostatus federated community app built on Drupal!
> Can we please make sure that the Federated GA folks know about this?
> They DO NOT need to start from scratch.
> imw
> On 11/14/2011 08:57 AM, Ted Schulman wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Last night Issac Wilder told me about Lorea:
>> "Lorea is a project to create secure social cybernetic systems, in
>> which human networks will become simultaneusly represented on a
>> virtual shared world.Its aim is to create a distributed and
>> federated nodal organization of entities with no geophysical
>> territory, interlacing their multiple relationships through binary
>> codes and languages."
>> ...Lorea word comes from the Basque language and means flower...
>> Check it out and share your thoughts:
>> Thanks, Ted
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