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From: Evan Wagner
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 17:33:39 -0500

Hello All,

To provide some more information on Permabank:  Basically, we realize that a tremendous amount of data is already being collected regarding people's skills, stuff, and space by many different groups.  The idea is that Permabank will become an aggregator for all this data, so a big help would be for people to start directing it in our direction.



On Sun, Nov 13, 2011 at 7:20 PM, Dana Skallman <> wrote:
Hi all,

I wanted to mention the Permabank project, which is currently in development. This may fit into this conversation. Project funding is part of what will be included, here is a bit more detail to look at:

It's being built in Python/Django and there is a need for more developers (I am including the occupy-dev list here too). Here's the link to the project page:


Hi Folks,

I want to say that some of us at OWS have been thinking about just this
idea.  I know the finances group is putting together a plan, haven't seen
it yet, but I believe it is along these lines..


2011/11/11 Javier Martínez <javimartinez84 at>

> +1
> but i think there could be another option that was discussed time ago in
> Madrid about construcing a crossfunding webpage.
> I mean, we have the tools to do not need to centralize the money people
> could donate. We can make it horizontal. The webpage
> would just show all the different projects of the global movement which
> are asking for money, categorized by thematic and localization for example.
> Then people just put the money in the project they like. Also the projects
> will be asked to tell how much do they need and to keep telling how is
> going.
> In this direction it may be nice to work
> Abrazos
> Javier
> 2011/11/11 Mark Barrett <marknbarrett at>
>> Hi Jay and everyone
>> Thankyou for this message. Isn;t there a major problem with this idea -
>> aside from the issue of assembly sovereignty and the initiative's
>> trajectory which looks to be counter to that (the principle of the movement
>> which is paramount) well even if you do work out an effective, genuinely
>> democratic collaborative and equitable approach to fundraising on this
>> basis, what happens when the funding dries up then effectively we are
>> slaves to the whims of those who give our groups money. Surely far better
>> to crowdsource funds direct to GAs ( which I believe, contrary to one point
>> in your email very much should be involved in financial decisions, albeit
>> via open, transparent assembly endorsed finance work groups) and then allow
>> them to redistribute globally to "assemblies in need" ? More I could say
>> but no time.
>> What do others think?
>> Mark
>> On 11 November 2011 01:48, Global Assemblies <ga at> wrote:
>>> Hey All, I am putting together a funding proposal to fund a diversity of
>>> organizations involved in the movement.
>>> My strategy is that instead of me just putting in a proposal for my own
>>> organizations that I am involved with, we are more powerful as a movement
>>> to fund many organizations simultaneously.
>>> I feel that there is a top heavy approach going on with a few very large
>>> and financially powerful organizations being created in the movement, and
>>> so this effort I am embarking on is to try to bring in funds and disperse
>>> them throughout a diversity of smaller organizations across the country and
>>> the world.
>>> I personally need funds to be able to give the time and effort needed to
>>> support this movement, and I have talked to many more organizers who also
>>> need funds to be able to do there work.
>>> So the last thing I want is my organization to get a huge amount of
>>> funds and become an other node of top heavy financial power in the
>>> movement.  Instead I'd rather help create a process to share and distribute
>>> funds throughout the movement.  In that way there is less chance for
>>> corruption and misuse of funds, and although there are some cons which have
>>> to do with duplication etc, since most of the money would be going to
>>> individual people to pay their personal bills, I don't think as much
>>> duplication would be happening as you might think.  All the rest of the
>>> money would also be part of a collective Participatory Budgeting Process to
>>> avoid duplication even though there are funds dispersed throughout a
>>> diversity of organizations, and anyone can be involved.
>>> So Here is the process that I am helping facilitate.
>>> Any organization that is supporting the movement, working within the
>>> movement, or wants to collaborate with the movement is eligible to be
>>> involved with this collaborative funding proposal.
>>> Our focus is on existing legal entities of any type, including
>>> 501(c)3's, 501(c)4's, PACs, businesses, corporations, or any other type of
>>> legal financial entity.  If you are an organization that is planing or in
>>> the process of creating a legal entity, you are welcome to participate as
>>> well.
>>> The model we are working with, is that local General Assemblies do not
>>> need to make financial decisions because that bogs down the processes of
>>> the important work of finding solutions and collectively taking action, of
>>> course local GA's can be involved in financial decision if they want to.
>>> As an alternative our goal will be to create an access process for funds
>>> directly to individuals and groups working within the movement though a
>>> participatory budgeting process that everyone can be involved with.  This
>>> process will create 4 types of organizations all working collaboratively
>>> together.
>>> 1) Groups and organizations working within the movement that have NO
>>> Funds and do not make financial decisions, but can be part of the
>>> Participatory Budgeting Process.
>>> 2) Legal Entities and Organizations working within the movement that
>>> have Funds and make financial decisions on a variety of projects.  These
>>> organizations help facilitate the Participatory Budgeting Process.
>>> 3) Legal Entities and Organizations supporting the movement but from the
>>> outside.  These organizations would sponsor financial organizations, and
>>> non-financial organizations within the movement, but will not be involved
>>> with the larger Participatory Budgeting Process, but subsidiaries of them
>>> may be involved.
>>> 4) Organizations throughout the greater society that do not directly
>>> support the movement, but indirectly-support the movement through their
>>> involvement in the dialogue and distribution of information, including
>>> independent media outlets.  These groups would not be involved in the
>>> Participatory budgeting process.
>>> Here is a link to a diagram showing the relationship between these four
>>> levels.
>>> So if you or your organization is interested in getting involved, this
>>> is what I will need from you within a simple email:
>>> 1) Legal Name of organization(s) (there may be a subsidiary)
>>> 2) Name of project or working group, or the name of the local General
>>> Assembly its related to, if applicable.
>>> 3) Type of entity - sole proprietorship, 501(c)3.....
>>> 4) Scope of organization and project for movement ( 2-3 sentences) (for
>>> more information just put a link)
>>> 5) Description of Budget Decision Making Process (1 paragraph) (you can
>>> submit this later if you don't have it now)
>>> 6) Budget (optional) includes existing budget, or amount of funds, if
>>> your organization already has funds.
>>> 7) Organizational Contact
>>> Your organization will be included within a collection of proposals from
>>> the movement that are being presented to high level coalitions of Funding
>>> Foundations.  Everyone included in this collection of proposals will be
>>> publicly acknowledged.  There is no way we can guarantee that an
>>> organizational name, budget, and information will be kept private, so if
>>> your organization is concerned about making its name or proposed budget
>>> publicly accessible, this process is not for you.
>>> Also this is not a fast process, but organizations that get there
>>> information in quickly will have priority in the first round of asking for
>>> funds. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to add additional
>>> organizations after the funding round starts, but it will always be
>>> possible to remove an organization.  So if you are not sure if your
>>> organization wants to be involved, I recommend submitting your information
>>> for inclusion ASAP, and then if you want to back out, that will not be a
>>> problem.  And of course, just because your organization submits its
>>> information does not guarantee that any funds will be awarded, but we will
>>> at least try to get you funds.
>>> If you have a project you are interested in doing to support the
>>> movement, and need funds for that project, but are not associated with any
>>> legal entity, this proposal process is not for you.  Once we get the
>>> funding into the legal organizations, we will create an open and
>>> transparent process to accept project proposals, prioritize them, and fund
>>> them, but we are not ready for that yet, so please wait and do not submit
>>> your project proposals to me, I will not be able to include them, and I
>>> will not be able to fund them.  Right now I am only pulling together the
>>> interested existing legal entities, or people in the process of creating
>>> legal entities to take on the responsibility of managing finances.   Once
>>> this is formed we will discuss accepting project proposals as part of the
>>> larger Participatory Budgeting Process.   Thank you for your patience.
>>> If you are a local General Assembly and are interested in getting funds,
>>> or more funds, for your local group, you are welcome to join with this
>>> process even if you do not currently have a sponsoring legal entity, just
>>> state that you are looking for legal sponsorship when answering question #1.
>>> If you know of other people or organizations who may be interested in
>>> funding, feel free to forward them this email. This is an open and
>>> transparent process and everyone is welcome to be involved, you do not need
>>> to ask me first.
>>> That is it for the funding proposal, now I'm going to switch gears to
>>> Financial Management...
>>> Additionally for everyone interested in discussion about Financial
>>> Management within the movement, and support for local organizations, we are
>>> putting together the National Financial Management Working Group.  This
>>> group has no decision making authority, and is just coming together for
>>> discussion on fundraising opportunities, and local/national/international
>>> financial management.   Many local groups have been having trouble dealing
>>> with their local finances, and so it has been requested to have a space to
>>> discuss options for financial management.
>>> Currently it looks as if the first meeting will take place next
>>> Wednesday evening/night.  But you can vote here to help us finalize the
>>> best time.  Here is the link for the Voting form for the National Financial
>>> Management Working Group:
>>>  National Financial Management Working Group:
>>>    - Link for Meeting Scheduling Form:
>>>       -
>>>    - Communication Email list: (mailman)
>>>       -
>>> We will send out a notice when the final time is set for the meeting.
>>> I look forward to helping you get funding for your organizations, and
>>> helping all of us to get funding together.
>>> Together we are more powerful than alone.
>>> Jay
>>>  Jay Blas Jacob Cabrera
>>> (415) 323-5833
>>> <>
>>> <>
>>> <>

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