Subject: Re: [Interocc] [NYCGA-IWG] Researching Twitter Occupy Activity
From: Stone Mirror
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2011 21:18:27 -0800
To: Andrew Miller

On Nov 14, 2011, at 8:18 PM, Andrew Miller wrote:

Hello Friends,

I am conducting some research to build a web tool that intends to provide a visual representation of geospatial interest in the movement. I plan to start by taking a look at the frequency of occupy-related hashtags on Twitter. Already this is a feat given reports of over 100K occupy-related hashtags on Twitter. I ask if anyone knows of a catalog of occupy-hashtags being hosted anywhere? Any help would be appreciated--perhaps even using this thread as a catalog where individuals could reply with hashtags they have been using on Twitter to discuss the movement.

My aim with this research is to provide a concise and intuitive representation of global participation, while respecting the autonomy of each occupation. I hope that such a representation might aid in validating the movement for individuals who require a more clear understanding of its size and momentum.

Have you seen, by any chance...?

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