Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Re: FOOTAGE FROM YESTERDAY
From: Rachel Lears
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 08:41:13 -0800 (PST)
To: Global Revolution Media

Hi all,
I was shooting all day yesterday but unfortunately I got everything
BUT the arrests at canal, bc at that time I was at Zuccotti bc I
thought that was where the shit was going to go down. (This happened
to a few of us and we decided to just stay put since there was no
other media team at Zuccotti.) In any case, I have great HD coverage
of the following (which I'm logging and transferring now):
-improvised GA at Canal (9am to about 10.30 am), including people
explaining what is going on
-Cops staking out Zuccotti
-Cops pushing people on the sidewalk at Zuccotti for no reason (the
most dramatic I think)
-improvised GA at corner of Cedar and Broadway, with play by play
leadup to reentry
-lots of coverage of reentering the park, plus the GA until I ran out
of cards and battery around 9 pm
-interviews thruout the day, including: Hilary's shocking testimony of
getting beat up with a baton during the eviction, a lawyer explaining
what is going on (around 11-11.30) predicting that appeals will go
back and forth; also a diverse group of other engaging characters
showing support (such as a retired police captain from philly, in full
uniform, asking the nypd to chill out)

Like I said I'm capturing this at home now- if anyone needs any of it
for editing today let me know and I can upload clips to a dropbox or

On archiving:
On Saturday at the meeting I brought up the idea of coordinating with
other archiving efforts that are going on, which have teams of very
capable people behind them and sometimes institutions donating
services. I have friends in the Think Tank that are working with the
NYU Labor Archive (Tamiment Library) to transcribe, archive and set
metadata for all audio files of their meetings; they are also
archiving video from youtube and would love to do more. I also have a
friend in the archiving working group who has another group of people,
from the Moving Image Archiving Program at NYU (though they are
working in an independent capacity, unlike the Tamiment people) who
are doing the same thing with video- though mostly youtube at this
point. My friend Samara in archives said she spoke to someone in media
(didnt remember who) who told her we were doing it ourselves and
didn't want their help, so they stopped pursuing us.  But they want to
help us archive everything in full res and make it available online
with metadata. I'm sure they would also have good ideas/ resources for
archiving the livestream. A few meetings ago Dan also spoke about the site which can also archive video. I really think we
should try to coordinate all these efforts so work doesn't get
redundant and we can streamline this process. I'm happy to work with
Dan or anyone else to make this happen- let's discuss at the meeting

On Nov 16, 11:15 am, Victoria Sobel <> wrote:
also a great idea bruce- additionally we have a very large quantity of
captured footage- digitize/no ditigitzed/ streamed and auto logged or
otherwise which often times does not get reviewed and archived in a
coordinated way quick enough. besides digitizing the tapes- we can reach
out to trusted people remotely do help with this archiving effort. not to
mention the server with the first months content that could be sorted
through as well.

On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 11:11 AM, Bruce Wagner <> wrote:
Another side thought:  We need a volunteer archiver team.  They could be
physically located anywhere in the world, but they would capture, record,
and archive ALL of our live streams... so no live stream ever goes
unarchived for any reason.

Volunteers used to archive 100% of all live streams in this way,
for example. ( see
 On Nov 16, 2011 9:49 AM, "Katie Davison" <> wrote: