Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Re: protecting OWS using media over the next few days
From: Becky Hurwitz
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 07:43:42 -0800 (PST)
To: Global Revolution Media
CC: Christopher Rogy <>,

Hi all,

A little longer term, and in the interest of distributing the load on
producing media around cop abuse and accountability, how about doing
some crowdsourcing?  There are a lot of non media group people taking
images and videos at any given time.  If done strategically -- if we
help people to take "good" media, to document it well, and to submit
it to one searchable-place, folks like the NLG and whomever else, will
be able to find and use it more effectively.

WITNESS, an internationally focused video advocacy and training group
(conveniently based in Brooklyn) does this kind of training as its
bread and butter and folks who are active in OWS and also at WITNESS
have been working hard to figure out how to share knowledge and
practices well with OWS wgs and the larger OWS community.

Full disclosure -- in my professional work, I work with WITNESS to do
mobile-phone based trainings for producing video in a secure way and
have been talking with Chris Rogy and Yvonne Ng (media and archives
groups) work at WITNESS and have been working hard on this effort.  In
the interest of moving quickly, whatever coordination is necessary to
organize the 24 hour watch sounds great, but longer term, I think they
could run some trainings or develop some guides to share with people
to teach them how to contribute.

I'll leave it to Chris and Yvonne to speak more about that -- already
speaking out of turn by introducing them instead of letting them do it
for themselves :)

Regarding a system for collecting reports, I'd be happy to lead the
charge on this -- could combine it with the aggregation work in some
way, I'm sure.  There are systems out there that are used for this
internationally -- one that has been extremely effective is Citivox --
until recently, it was only available to license by decision making
institutions -- like police forces, local governments, departments of
elections -- as a way for citizens to report incidents and for those
institutions to hold themselves publicly accountable.  Citivox has
just released a public facing version that is freely available and
would be perfect for this.

Unlike a crisis mapping tool like Ushahidi, it is fully managed, so we
wouldn't have to install and manage the system; and has more features
for integrating with common services like Facebook and Twitter.

What do people think?  It feels a little tangential to the Media Group
purpose, but in line with media aggregation where the main goal is to
make more of our documentation more easily found, just with the
additional goal of being able to use the documentation for police
accountability efforts.  Would prob want to loop legal in to this


On Nov 16, 3:55 am, Cari Machet <> wrote:
they did this actually in iceland
it is something we should use
they surrounded parliament
and with pots and pans they brought from home they banged them together
it worked
the whole system changed and local governments now even crowdsource issues
and problem solve through direct democracy

banging pots and pans is loud

good idea for dealing with the mayor
he works just down the street from us

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On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 3:44 AM, Daniel Kavesanky <> wrote:
We need to occupy washington asap , everyone must stand ground there. The
movement needs to speak loud an clear on the white house steps ! So loud
the senet goverment wont be able to hear anything else..
On Nov 15, 2011 11:10 PM, "Vlad T" <> wrote:

Hi People

I think we find ourselves in a very intersting situation now, which i
many ways feels like the first days of the occupation.   however, the
police is much more present in the park and is asserting certain aggresive
attitude towards the people in the park which is aimed to stop us from
having a normal working environment. At the same time, there are a lot more
of us and we are so much more smarter :)
 I propose that we engage this problem from a tactical media
perspective.  - specifically i propose that all the members of the
collective try to spend as much time as reasonable in the camp in the next
few days, and even go so far as to assign shifts when people would defend
the camp with livestream and other cameras.  we want to be able to cover it
24 hours a day to provide protection.
In addition, I want us to capture and immediatly digitize footage of cops
acting in aggresive way, or other ways that violate peoples civil rights,
create a facebook of sorts of bad police officers and try to find the
victims and work with them to file ccrb complaints.  i think over a short
time we wiull be able to inundate the CCRB police complaint comission with
complaints about different police officers (a lot of who will end up with
multiple complaints) and that will eventually jam up the system...

Who wants to participate in this?  we provide whatever training and we
have basic equipment to do this.