Subject: Re: [NYCGA-IWG] Graphic designer with wordpress skills needed for Movement Building project
From: evy brown
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011 07:34:31 -0800
CC: Zach Stark <>, Devin Balkind <>, Cari Machet <>

Hey All,
Doe Soeken is a colleague of mine who I told the OWS needed help and support.  He got this article up on Michael Moore's website.  Now---can we please get some support back?

On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 7:05 AM, Michael Badger <> wrote:
Hi Internet working group,

This is Michael form Movement Building.  We have a project that is getting underway that could use some support from web design.

Zach in Eugene OR is bottom lining the development, and he needs someone who has strong graphic skills to work with him.  He has requested that it be someone comfortable with implementing their designs directly into Wordpress, rather than giving him PSD files for him to implement.

Below is one of the original emails to the movement building group explaining the project.  We have been getting a lot of positive comments on the idea, as it is a way to spread the movement beyond "occupations" while simultaneously changing the narrative in the public eye to a more positive one.

If anyone is interested in working on this with Zach, please get back to us.


Here is the email:

Some background to the idea... as most of you know, I came to OWS as a lifecoach, and started the Coaching Working Group which has been manning a table in the plaza to help people figure out the ways they want to get involved with the movement in a way that connects to their inner passion and aliveness.  If people can connect their actions for the movement with what really brings them alive, they will keep doing those actions rather than getting burned out and dropping the ball.  I am connected to a very large network of coaches, a lot of which want to help but cannot come to the plaza (this is an international network).  >From the table, we have connected a few people with phone coaching to get their ideas up and running. For example, we connected a highschool student in Western Massachusetts with a coach and she has been helping him get his school involved with Occupy.

So, I think we can be doing this kind of thing on a much larger scale.  We talked yesterday about creating a website at that would be a wordpress blog that would allow people to create accounts with which they could tell their stories on the site.  The questions they would be answering would be along the lines of
"How has Occupy changed your life?" 
"What are you doing in the world now as a result of the occupy movement"
"What is your inspirational story that led you to Occupy?"

The point would be to show all the forward-looking, world-changing activity that has been coming out of the Occupy movement.  People could either submit a single story, or tell their ongoing story of positive change in a series of posts.  This blog could have a lot of authors and generate tons of positive content for the movement and media.

This alone could be a huge movement building tool as it would help spread the message of the good that Occupy is already creating in the world....  But, there's more...

Then there would be a section for "How Can You Become an Occupy Visionary?" or something like that.  In that section, we have mp3s, workbooks, videos, on ways to connect to yourself and discover what change in the world is most important to you to be working on.  People could work through those materials to find ways that are meaningful for them to get involved.  Coaches in my network are already on board to create this content.

In addition, we could create a Coaching hotline (similar to the Empathy hotline that NVC set up) - which would be manned by dozens of coaches a few hours a day.  People could call in and talk to a coach about how to actually bring their ideas to fruition.  They could set up a few calls with the coach that they get, and that coach could work with them for a few sessions until their project is up and running.

Further, we could host weekly Maestro support calls where people could call in, and be broken into small groups to discuss their project in little mastermind sessions.  This would provide ongoing support for all of these projects that could get started out of this.

I think this could be an incredible way to affect change in remote areas, and "activate" a lot of people who are watching Occupy from the sidelines right now.  It's a way of spreading the movement in small grassroots projects that could pop up and balloon into much larger things.


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