From:   rob hollander <>
Sent time:   Saturday, October 01, 2011 5:29:27 AM
Subject:   [september17discuss] National radio support for Occupy Wall Street and its open demand process!

Public Radio International and WKCRW in Santa Monica broadcast on WNYC AM radio (National Public Radio in New York City) devoted a lengthy segment on Occupy Wall Street with

Allison Kilkenny of CItizens Radio,
Marvin Holland of the Transportation Workers Union,
Richard Freeman of Harvard's Bureau of Economics Research,
Georgetown University history professor and co-editor of Dissent Magazine Michael Kazin, and
Peter Goodman, Huffington Post editor

giving a brilliant analysis of Occupy Wall Street, including the significance of the open process and open demands -- in fact, praise for the open demands process!

Thier take might not represent the loftiest ideals of Occupy Wall Street -- they are mostly focused on the economy, rather than on politics -- but they all think you guys rock!

And for once, no criticism of the lack of demands and lack of leadership, especially at 32 minutes: Peter Goodman, business editor of the Huffington Post, pinpoints one of the crucial virtues of not having doctrinaire demands. These analysts admire you, admire what you are accomplishing and admire your novel, principled methods.
It's the first segment -- you have to download it to listen.

(Notice that the segment is coupled with a report on debit card fees. Clearly the programer wants the listener to get the message: the ordinary citizen is getting screwed coming and going by corporate finance.)

Keep doing what you're doing -- people are listening. Your open process is paying off. You guys are the greatest!

Rob Hollander
Lower East Side Residents for Responsible Development
622 E 11, #10
NYC, 10009