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You should have gotten an invitation send a message to the group so that I can see that its working.  If you want someones individual email click details in the header.
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you can invite people at

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can anyone invite people to the group? / how does one get added? thanks!

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You need to find the google groups homepage for the group and then you can unsubscribe from there.

We should add unsubscribe instructions to the bottom of each email. One of the listserv managers has to do that by going into the group's settings.

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how can I get off this list.  it's too much traffic for my box.

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> preach it, brother!
> On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 10:23 AM, Siddattha Gurung
> <> wrote:
>> I want to stamp out the word 'innovation' from the fucking english language
>> along with 'job creators' and 'welfare-queens', or atleast prevent it from
>> being used in policy issue debates and economics. Its fucking worthless to
>> use such language since it doesn't mean shit. FedEx did not become the giant
>> it did due to 'innovation', it did so through union busting, tax dodging and
>> outright fraud (you could call those 'innovations' if you would like). Apple
>> didnt become the giant it did through innovation, it did so through union
>> busting, sweatshop workers, tax dodging and outright copyright theft (along
>> with a snazzy advertisement scheme, which you could call 'innovation').
>> On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 10:16 AM, Siddattha Gurung <>
>> wrote:
>>> Let me say this more clearly. The issue of USPS budget shortfalls is a
>>> fucking made up issue that was forced upon the USPS by congressional law
>>> purposely meant to 'starve the beast'. It has never in its history faced a
>>> budget shortfall due a lack of funding (which is not taxpayers money btw),
>>> and has been continually pumping out a surplus, while competing with
>>> oftentimes non-unionised tax dodging, labor busting companies like
>>> FedEx and
>>> UPS.
>>> On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 10:09 AM, Siddattha Gurung
>>> <> wrote:
>>>> *while the fact that usage in the USPS has dropped is ture
>>>> On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 10:08 AM, Siddattha Gurung
>>>> <> wrote:
>>>>> While the usage in postal services is true, its necessity and importance
>>>>> has not diminished. There are no other services in the US that
>>>>> can deliver a
>>>>> physical mail to any part of the US (many parts where internet access is
>>>>> still spotty) within 2~3 business days for just 49 cents. Not to mention
>>>>> providing flat rate services for transporting packages of any weight at a
>>>>> price of under 20$, again to any part of the US within a working
>>>>> week(this
>>>>> specific service is extremely popular with the 'small business' that most
>>>>> US politicians like to harp on about). FedEx and UPS both regularly use
>>>>> the infrastructure that USPS has created and ends up having the USPS
>>>>> transport many of its unclaimed mail. It also provides a physical link to
>>>>> your governmental records (from taxes to court summons) that
>>>>> arrive on time
>>>>> and available everywhere.
>>>>> The postal service is not a business, rather it is a public utility that
>>>>> is required for the seamless function of the government, and
>>>>> provided access to many who would be excluded from the internet
>>>>> due to cost
>>>>> or ease of access.
>>>>> Also, the postal service funds itself without any funding from the
>>>>> federal government. It is actually a miracle that an institution that
>>>>> provided universal access for such low costs managed to make a
>>>>> surplus for
>>>>> the past couple of years and the recent financial woes only comes
>>>>> from a law
>>>>> require the USPS to pre-fund its health care for 75 years in the future.
>>>>> Additionally on the labor front, it is an organization that hires
>>>>> approximately 8 million employees with a high degree of women and
>>>>> minority
>>>>> representation (approx 40%). This is the last bastion of middle class
>>>>> Americans with a union.
>>>>> I am dependent on the USPS for an insane amount of my daily needs, and
>>>>> most people would realize that too if they just paid
>>>>> attention. The internet
>>>>> will not keep a physical records of my taxes, bills, legal
>>>>> documents that i
>>>>> routinely need for a variety of inane reasons. The internet will
>>>>> not send me
>>>>> the DVD of a rare movie from Netflix that will never be
>>>>> online. The internet
>>>>> will not send my hand written mail to bum fuck nowhere for 49cents. The
>>>>> Internet will never transport my care package of sweet but stupid
>>>>> items to
>>>>> my long-distance girlfriend for under 20$ in 2~3 business days.
>>>>> On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 9:15 PM, jason ahmadi <>
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> hey all,
>>>>>> I am here in upstate NY recovering from a staph infection at my uncle's
>>>>>> who is a PhD in electrical engineering and works at IBM and he could not
>>>>>> understand why folks marched to the postal workers.  He told me
>>>>>> that postal
>>>>>> workers have 25% less usage in this modern age and therefore should face
>>>>>> reflective cuts.  He also asked me when was the last time I sent someone
>>>>>> mail and offered the same question to all of the occupiers who are so
>>>>>> dependent on email, twitter and facebook for our communications.
>>>>>> I am usually pretty good and talking points, but I did not have a good
>>>>>> response on why occupy wall street (can we please, please avoid activism
>>>>>> speak of acronyms and OWS) supports the postal workers.  Can
>>>>>> someone please
>>>>>> give me an educated informed response on why we support the
>>>>>> postal workers?
>>>>>> Keep in mind that we are talking to each other on this and not
>>>>>> outreaching
>>>>>> to media, but at sometime the media will ask the same questions and we
>>>>>> should be ready.
>>>>>> Peace and Love,
>>>>>> Jason
>>>>>> p.s.
>>>>>> I think I will be back in the streets on Friday with no more nasty
>>>>>> pustules on my face.