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Sent time:   Saturday, October 01, 2011 8:09:27 AM
Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] National radio support for Occupy Wall Street and its open demand process!

YES!!!! YES!!!!!! YES!!!!!!


On Sat, Oct 1, 2011 at 7:29 AM, rob hollander <> wrote:

> Public Radio International and WKCRW in Santa Monica broadcast on WNYC AM

> radio (National Public Radio in New York City) devoted a lengthy segment on

> Occupy Wall Street with


> Allison Kilkenny of CItizens Radio,

> Marvin Holland of the Transportation Workers Union,

> Richard Freeman of Harvard's Bureau of Economics Research,

> Georgetown University history professor and co-editor of Dissent Magazine

> Michael Kazin, and

> Peter Goodman, Huffington Post editor


> giving a brilliant analysis of Occupy Wall Street, including the

> significance of the open process and open demands -- in fact, praise for the

> open demands process!


> Thier take might not represent the loftiest ideals of Occupy Wall Street --

> they are mostly focused on the economy, rather than on politics -- but they

> all think you guys rock!


> And for once, no criticism of the lack of demands and lack of leadership,

> especially at 32 minutes: Peter Goodman, business editor of the Huffington

> Post, pinpoints one of the crucial virtues of not having doctrinaire

> demands. These analysts admire you, admire what you are accomplishing and

> admire your novel, principled methods.



> It's the first segment -- you have to download it to listen.


> (Notice that the segment is coupled with a report on debit card fees.

> Clearly the programer wants the listener to get the message: the ordinary

> citizen is getting screwed coming and going by corporate finance.)


> Keep doing what you're doing -- people are listening. Your open process is

> paying off. You guys are the greatest!



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