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nothing yet.  the issue with hd is that we will have a hard time putting up an hd stream and most of our users dont have ability to watch hd.  but they can help us sort out a lot of techinical issues related to sound and switching....

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Agreed. What are they offering? HD upgrade?

Connected by a corporate tax dodger - aka Verizon Wireless. We pay-shouldn't they?

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[GlobalRevolutionMedia] Fwd: Livestream contacts

So livestream is also offering us additional resources.  we will try to setup a meeting with them.  I personally feel that we should reward livestreams decision to just remove advertising and not charge us after advertisers dropped us.  this is exactly of  corporations we should encourage....  

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Just letting you know that if you're having any technical issues or have any general questions about the platform, you can contact me directly.

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