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Subject:   [september17discuss] Bank actions grow

Hey folks,


In addition to the growing occupy movement, a bunch of community based organizations, unions and allies are taking actions, shutting down banks, streets and re-occupying homes and linking up with the occupy movement…. For upcoming actions


LA kicks off on Monday…..

Check out the attached clip.  It’s a totally sympathetic story on a mainstream station in LA which ends by sending people our website


Here’s the link to another kind of occupation to save a home


San Francisco action thurs



Boston action yesturday


hope you can make your local OCCUPATION check out





FROM Bay Area





We wanted to extend our deepest thanks to all the individuals, organizations, unions and members of the faith community who made the Bay Area’s Week of Actions a powerful beginning to what will hopefully be a fruitful movement to finally go on the offense and “Re-Fund” California!


Just yesterday close to 1,000 people took to the streets of San Francisco’s Financial District to have their voices heard.  Our action ended at JP Morgan Chase’s branch on 2nd and Market where six community members and workers from ACCE and SEIU 1021 were arrested.  The group was led by Chase borrower Brenda Reed who helped stage a “move in” equipped with sleeping bags and refused to leave until the Bank addressed the upcoming sale on her Oakland home.  Please check out some footage here:


Yesterday’s showing in the streets of SF in addition to the actions happening in Boston over the next two days, Los Angeles next week and NYC the week after that, is a clear sign that we are moving forward with our efforts to hold Banks accountable and finally make them pay!


Bay Area next steps:  We would like to remind everyone that this past week was just a launch.  The Re-Fund California Campaign will be holding another series of action on November 8-9th led by the UC unions and student organizations.  ACCE and many others will also continue to build on the momentum created this past week to continue pressuring Banks to keep families in their homes by reducing principal, pay their fair share, clean up and pay for their vacant properties and get those properties into the hands of working people!

Please keep checking our Facebook page, listed below for updates!


Facebook's page on Make Wall Street Banks Pay California:


And last, but not least a Big thank you to:  ACCE, SEIU 1021 members and retirees, OEA, UPTE, UAW 2865, PFT 1603, OCO, Supervisor John Avalos, SF Uncut, Rainforest Action Network, EBHO, Causa Justa::Just Cause, CNA, EBASE, UFCW Local 5, Unite-HERE 2850, IPFTE Local 21, Parent Voices, the California Partnership, TURN, Wellstone Democratic Club, Voluntarios de la comunidad, the San Francisco Labor Council, Brass Liberation Orchestra, Bitter Economy Choir, Fresh Juice collective and all of the individuals who participated this past week!!!!