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 The live stream is watchable on the NY Times web site in the city blog article on the Bkln Bridge arrests.
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Five Things That #OccupyWallStreet Has Done Right via @DissentMagazine

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5 things occupy wall st did right
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A few thoughts:
1.  It's true, Glen Beck is a liar
2.  Whether the institution in question foreclosed on his parents' home or not, we can be reasonably certain that it foreclosed on a whole bunch of other people.
3.  Obviously we should always try to present our case truthfully, since the crimes of Wall Street are so massive, they can hardly be exaggerated
4.  DOn't worry about "perception" -- just stick to the truth and as things worsen for our neighbors, more and more of them will be with us.

(I have been organizing with Lyndon LaROuche for 23 years, when he was in jail in the 80's etc., and will assert that part of the reason that we are in this mess, is that so many people have allowed their opinions to be determined by what the media wants them to think that everybody else thinks, that "conscience hath made cowards of us all.")

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I made the mistake of taking a look at the comments...

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