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Viva Occupy Wall St.

As you are getting people out of jail, just sharing more media that is being generated by the weeks of action we are doing against banks – more and more international media happening too…. Clips from Boston Below

Occupy LA had an assembly of 800+ last night,  LA Make Banks Pay Week of Action starts kick’s off tomorrow! 





Here's what we have so far.  It includes coverage in other countries (including Ireland!).  The French story is quite goodl


Here are more clips, including from Europe. 


We also got mention in the NY Times story about the Brookly Bridge (last paragraph):



Agence-France Press Wire Story - VERY GOOD
Boston police arrest 24 in US bank Protest
 Right to the City, the coalition of advocacy groups that organized the demonstration, said the event was held  to protest corporate greed and to stop bank foreclosures.
 According to organizers, some 3,000 people marched outside the bank. Police did not provide a crowd   estimate.
 "While the CEOs rake in millions in salary and bonuses, major corporations are laying off thousands of   workers each month," Right to the City said on its website. "Enough is enough."
 The bank's stock has tumbled in recent months amid doubts about the strength of its capital base and    mounting legal costs from its disastrous involvement with subprime mortgages before the 2008 financial   crisis.
 The Boston protest appeared to dovetail with demonstrations in New York city, where more than 1,000   mainly young activists have been protesting for the past two weeks over the Wall Street bailout and    corporate influence in US politics.



International Business Times
Bank of America: 24 People Arrested in Boston Protest
 A group called TakeBackBoston (TBB), which was involved in the demonstration, stated before the rally that  it “signals a growing popular outrage at the big banks, as the peaceful occupation of Wall Street in New York  enters its thirteenth day.”
 Presley Obasohan, a homeowner in Dorchester who is fighting foreclosure, told TBB: “I’m sitting-in at Bank  of America so that my neighbors, and me, can stay in our homes. So many people have been thrown out of  their homes or lost their jobs needlessly because of mistakes made by Wall Street Banks. Yet it’s the banks  who are now rewarded with billions in tax refunds.”
 TakeBackBoston claims that as of March 2011, Bank of America had more homes in foreclosure than any   other bank in Boston, with two-thirds of these in minority neighborhoods.
 “Sixty-one percent of Bank of America’s subprime mortgages were concentrated in these same     neighborhoods, revealing a pattern of pushing bad loans on people of color and the poor,” the group stated.
 Rachel LaForest, executive director of the Right to the City Alliance, who participated in the Boston rally, told  TBB: “Across the country, we are seeing the same story: The mortgage bubble created by Wall Street    pushed predatory lending on urban communities, and since the bubble burst the fallout has been     catastrophic. Unemployment and foreclosures have hit communities of color first and worst. But it is urban   communities who are at the forefront of the movement to fight back. We are taking direct action today to   demand payback from Bank of America.”
Only Kent (UK)


Backlash Demo Against Bank of America in Boston: Protestors Arrested

Dozens detained in Bank of America rally
Dozens of demonstrators have been arrested during a protest against Bank of America's foreclosure practices in downtown Boston, Press TV reports.

Spanish Wire Service
Las protestas contra Wall Street se extienden en EE.UU.
 Ayer la policía en Massachusetts arrestó a dos docenas de personas entre unos 3.000 manifestantes que   ocuparon brevemente las oficinas en Boston de Bank of America, el mayor banco del país.
 Los protestantes declararon su solidaridad con los cientos de personas que desde hace semanas ocupan  un parque en Manhattan con quejas diversas contra los bancos y el sistema político que los ha socorrido   tras sus malas inversiones.

 A diretora de uma organização civil em Boston, Rachel LaForest, disse que as manifestações são contra "a  avareza e os empréstimos usurários dos bancos eo ...


Thousands Protest at Bank of America Offices in Boston

 Organizers say about 3,000 people joined the protest.
 “We had to set a stand to let Bank of America know they cannot foreclose on families and put them out on the  street,” Carolyn Grant one of the protesters said as her cohorts in the holding unit cheered in the     background.
 Bank of America spokesman T.J. Crawford dismissed the demonstration as a publicity stunt.
Washington Post (AP STORY)
Dozens arrested during anti-foreclosure protest at Bank of America offices in Boston

Bloomberg Wire
BofA's Boston Building Draws Protesters; 21 Arrests Are Made
 The rally was organized by Right to the City Alliance

Haven't seen broadcast - but blog story is great - WITH LINKS!
 A march and rally was held in Boston Friday called “Take Back Boston” run by the Right to the City alliance,  a national organization that “seeks to create regional and national impacts in the fields of housing, human   rights, urban land, community development, civic engagement, criminal justice, environmental justice, and   more,”  according to its website.
 Police estimated about 3,000 people attended the events Friday.
 “We are targeting Wall Street, in particular the big banks and corporations,” Rachel Laforest, the executive   director of the Right to the City Alliance told ABC News. “The goal is to create a national narrative and have it  be known how the states are taking state revenues that are being funneled to banks and corporations and t hen you layer on top of that the fact that they’re not obligated to pay their fair share of taxes, and so that’s   billions and billions of dollars that could be put toward job creation and creating solutions to the housing   crisis.”
 Today’s events in Boston will continue with a “Take Back the Block” festival. At least 1,500 have registered   for the festival.


24 BoA Protesters Arrested

 Two dozen protesters were arrested in Boston Friday night for trespassing in Bank of America's downtown   offices as a demonstration against what they say are the bank's unfair foreclosure practices. A crowd of   peaceful protesters that started at rush hour grew to 3,000 by nightfall. Boston police said that none of the 24  resisted being hauled off. "They wanted to be arrested, and we obliged," said Boston Police Commissioner  Edward Davis. One of the protesters told the Boston Herald, "We had to set a stand to let Bank of America   know they cannot foreclose on families and put them out on the street." A bank spokesman brushed off the   event as a public-relations ploy, arguing that the protesters "choose to ignore the facts" and that "Bank of   America has a lot to be proud of in Massachusetts."
MY PREDICTION - In newsweek's column on what's up and what's down, BofA will be DOWN!

CNN - covers growing national protest movement
 Elsewhere Friday, 11 people were arrested in Boston during a similar demonstration.
 Boston police say those protestors -- who call themselves "Take back Boston" -- gathered in front of a Bank  of America building after marching through a downtown section of the city.
 The group's website says, "The banks took billions of our tax dollars, yet we're the ones being forced out of  our homes."
Huffington Post
Bank Of America Protests: Dozens Arrested At Company's Boston Offices [WATCH]
ran our video




Thousands Protest Against Bank of America
 Ran with our release

Banker & Tradesman
Foreclosed Families March On Boston Bank Of America
 Ran our release

Bostonians protesting against BofA
 Recent groups of protestors that have sprouted up across the city of Boston haven’t been voicing their    displeasure with their baseball team’s September collapse, they’re protesting against Bank of America.
 Today, over 1,000 people are expected to march in downtown Boston to protest against the bank, and “rally  against Wall Street greed, predatory lending, and skyrocketing foreclosures in urban communities,”    according to a press release.Take Back Boston, one of the websites that has the latest information on anti-  BofA protests and ralliess across the city, says although these protests are happening in Boston, this is a   national concern.

Open Media Boston
1000+ Activists March on Bank of America in Protest of Predatory Lending Practices; 24 Arrested

Occupy Boston: Taking Back the City
completely conflates the two groups - what is this site?         


As Movement Grows, Thousands In Boston Protest Against Bank Of America’s Greed

 An estimated 3,000 gathered for Take Back Boston,



Herald story is widely cited - quoted in WaPo & elsewhere - with great photos that got picked up by AP
Hub police arrest 24 in protest vs. Bank of America
By John Zaremba
Saturday, October 1, 2011


Nice photos, pretty good story. Jason of Mass Uniting gets the quote
24 arrests at Bank of America protest Demonstrators support those facing foreclosure

 The protest was led by a coalition of activist groups called Right to the City Alliance, which wants Bank of   America and other lenders to modify loans to more affordable payments by reducing the size of mortgage   balances.

Hub police arrest anti-foreclosure protesters outside Bank of America's Boston offices
The group that led the protest -- Right to the City Alliance -- issued a statement claiming it stands for economic justice, noting that the Charlotte, N.C.-based banking giant will next year begin charging a monthly $5 user fee for debit cardholders.

 A group called Right to the City Alliance led the campaign. In a news release, the alliance said it stands for  economic justice and noted that the protest came as Bank of America announced it would charge debit   cardholders $5 a month for the use of their cards, beginning next year.

NECN - 11 pm news 9/30
Rally held outside Bank of America in Boston's financial district

 (NECN) - Protestors marched through downtown a short time ago and converged around the Bank of    America headquarters on Federal Street, blocking the entrances.

 Our reporter on scene tells us it looked like a couple of thousand protestors were there.

 Protestors included foreclosed families who are blaming banks for putting them out on the streets.


 A few blocks away a group called Take Back Boston lead hundreds of people marching from Boston    Common to the Financial District.

 At 100 Federal Street the protesters gathered at both entrances to the Bank of America building shouting   "We got sold out." The crowd included dozens of families facing foreclosure.

 "The bank took over my property. Tried to evict everybody," said Mallerrie McCoy of Dorchester. "They    boarded up my windows. They changed our locks. I’m here to say i’m not going anywhere."

 Antonio Ennis is facing foreclosure on his Dorchester home.

 "All we’re asking for is reduce the principal. It’s what’s right," Ennis said. "They got bailed out by us. We need  help now. "

 Some 24 protesters were arrested taken from the building in plastic handcuffs as the crowd cheered them   on.

AWESOME_ Coalition Takes Back Foreclosed Home
Group Has Block Party To Educate Residents On Foreclosures
Read more:



Lynn Item
Foreclosure protesters want loan modifications to reflect current home values

 "The protest organizers would have you believe they speak for all groups, that is not the case," Crawford   said, adding that Bank of America mortgage representatives have negotiated 18,000 loan modifications in   Massachusetts since 2008.

 "The goal for us is to provide a more affordable payment so the borrower can stay in their home. That's the   same as a principal reduction," Crawford said.



24 Arrested As Protesters Pack Financial District
Foreclosed Families, Supporters March To Bank Of America

Dozens arrested at Bank of America headquarters
By Associated Press on October 1st, 2011

9 & 10 News
Dozens arrested at Bank of America offices
BOSTON (AP) — Organizers say about 3,000 people joined a protest against Bank of America headquarters in Boston. Police say they arrested two dozen protesters for trespassing. A published report says the trespass was an act of civil disobedience to protest the lender's foreclosure practices. No mention was made of new bank card fees.