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Notice that the first thing that he says is that the issues they are pushing are those where a supermajority of Americans are sying one thing and the government is doing another.  That is how you involve the 99% 
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Don't know if you've seen this:

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Yes! For me the key moment is going to be when that "non-activist" people feel at home in the movement and start working. If we achieve that, things could really change.

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Wow we must be doing something right.  We need to demand that they all get on the street.  Liking us is important but not enough.
Yesterday, I was in Brooklyn and ended up at the Brooklyn side of the bridge, watching all the cops.  A middle aged guy standing next to me said, its Occupy Wall St.  I asked him what he thought.  He said he supports it 100%, and that his daughter is so into that she shaved her head and wants to go sleep there.  I told him its a great crowd and that she would be safe.  He said I know we already checked it out.  Then his daughter showed up and she was ready to bum rush the bridge, but mom took her home to watch the live feed.
Then I take the train to Liberty and while 400 are being arrested the park is still packed!
Everybody tries to play us down, but how many movements can spin off march after march after march, and still have more people at the end?  
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