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Subject:   [september17discuss] Awesome statement of support for OWS from National Nurses United

September 29, 2011

National Nurses United Statement in Support of the actions in New York

National Nurses United (NNU), the nation’s largest registered nurse labor union, representing 170,000 direct care RNs, stands in support of, and in solidarity with, the ongoing street protests and rallies.

We applaud the commitment, savvy and sacrifice exhibited by the multitude of students, union members, clergy, and many others from all walks of life who have come together to loudly and clearly place the blame for the nation’s pain where it belongs. Wall Street caused the financial crisis and we share your demand that Wall Street pay us back.

NNU nurses are leading the fight for a Main Street Contract for the American People. The Contract calls for meeting the basic needs of a civilized society and ensuring that all pay their fair share. Currently the wealthiest individuals and corporations do not pay that fair share. NNU is campaigning for a Financial Transaction Tax on Wall Street to help remedy that inequity.

As nurses, our motto in this fight is simple. “Heal America. Make Wall Street Pay!”