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Congratulations on this document, has it been approved by GA, ratified

by consensus?

Please may i add some feedback: I was reading down the list and very

excited by this point here, however, can we please make a case about

the torture of political prisoners as well as animals... There is

pelican bay hunger strike currently ongoing, as well as Guantano Bay

torture waterboarding, etc as well secret detentions abroad (Bagram

etc in Afghanistan) can we please add human beings, the end of Patriot

Act and return of civil liberties in the same line as our concern for

animals. The War on Terror is a racist war that has dehumanized the

"enemy" most of whom do not even own a donkey. Please, considering the

recent Troy Davis case, it is imperative to defend the rights of

prisoners and denounce this unjust penal (domestic) and international

military police state--even in the same line as with animal rights, if

need be.

Thank you,

Shaista Husain


"They have profited off of the torture, confinement, and cruel

treatment of countless animals, and actively hide these practices."




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