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Call for action at Columbia and NYU






Marcos Wasem

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The Graduate Center

The City College of New York




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> I am intrigued by the proposition but a word of caution; brooklyn is trickier and the immediate rationale is not as clear. I have been away from new york alot recently and am currently in georgia for the troy davis funeral, which was yesterday but the make up of the occupation would need to be different. We also admit the world as it is, this society as it is, not as we would  desIre it.   And,  we have to acknowledge the great disparities in necessities Based on race and nationalities, and the greatly disproportionate levels of oppressed peoples who are in dire circumstances. Brooklyn is a borough mainly of people of color, so there is the need to be in solidarity with the most oppressed n mOst dispossessed and we must reflect that in the march and not be insensitive and not run the risk of angering communities we need to take pains to include. Writing from  a phone, sorry for capitalizations and duplications. Will return monnday and will see you alll downtown.

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> I put my full support behind this, a march across the bridge again next Saturday in order to establish the occupation of Brooklyn






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>> Be cool next March we have more numbers and actually the take Brooklyn Bridge, cross into BK have the first GA for #Occupythehood, #OcccupyBrooklyn, or whatever.


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>>> Occupiers of Wall St. holding a peaceful political march across the Brooklyn

>>> Bridge today that started at 4pm - are being penned in and trapped on the

>>> bridge by NYPD. They've begun arbitrarily arresting people at closest reach

>>> (ends of the march) which was planned to start from Brooklyn and end in

>>> Manhattan at the encampment - Zucotti/Liberty Plaza. The NYPD have closed

>>> off both ends of the bridge, and arrests have begun. It is still unclear

>>> what the cops have in store for the roughly 250 people



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