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Subject:   [september17discuss] Koch
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New article detailing intense investigation of Koch Industries and their criminal acts.

I think it's really important to put a face on the evil perpetrated by corporations and these guys have the perfect mug.

I've been printing these as handouts at various protests and usually put info on the back about my main concern, ecosystem collapse...but I'm in CA for another week, so if anybody wants to make these up and hand then out with info about OWS and a link to that article, feel free.  You can get 3 to a page.

My experience is people take them because even though they know it's fake, they love getting free money!

Fun way to get the message out, and with the publication of this article there is going to be quite a bit of media focussed on the Kochs.

If anyone wants to dress like a climate zombie and help me carry the banner when I get back let me know, I've got the masks, tuxedo t-shirts and banner.

picture here: