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Thank you for your appropriate response. I wish I did not have to

bring this up. I have not been able to join any of the working groups

in question, so I am just looking for answers and accountability from

the working groups. This IS a larger GA/structure issue, not just

Safer Spaces.


I agree I would prefer this to not be here at all. But actors on both

sides have made their presence apparent at Liberty Plaza, and I don't

think ignoring it will make it disappear.


But maybe it will. Discuss with me at 6? No Peeps mic needed.




On Oct 3, 4:01 pm, Jon Good <> wrote:

> Oh, for fuck's sake.  PLEASE DO NOT have any of this discussion within

> Liberty Plaza.  It will be an all-singing, all-dancing shit show.  There are

> plenty of public, open spaces (some even nearby the square) that will be

> less problematic.  As Mellow Yellow admits, this issue has torn apart

> activist circles again and again and again and again.


> I really think both sides need to walk away, right now.  There are thousands

> of us.  No single person is important enough that their physical presence at

> OWS will make any difference or be integral to the movement. There are

> plenty of things you can do to help the occupation that do not require you

> to physically be at Liberty Plaza. Please do those. Please do not turnthis

> ridiculously convoluted issue into our problem.


> On Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 3:10 PM, Mellow Yellow <>wrote:


> > Hi All Amazing and Peaceful people,


> > I am going to propose at tonight's GA (if there is a nycga listserve can

> > someone re-post this there) that the NYC GA become a signatory supporter of

> > the statement on the website below.


> >


> > Non-police individuals who have a history of violent language, threats and

> > behavior towards myself and other activists were seen at Liberty Plaza

> > Sunday afternoon/evening. I have spoken to many people who witnessed abusive

> > and aggressive language and behavior last night during the GA seeking the

> > expulsion of other individuals who HAVE NOT exhibited violent or abusive

> > behavior at Liberty Plaza. Unfortunately it seems that the majority of the

> > "Safer Spaces" working group is complicit in this behavior within OWS space,

> > and there will also hopefully be some discussion about working group

> > accountability, for ALL WORKING GROUPS tonight. If any representatives of

> > the Safer Spaces group would like to meet with me at Liberty Plaza at 6pm

> > under the red thing to address these concerns in a non-violent manner, I

> > would really appreciate the chance speak and listen to them regarding the

> > group's actions. Abuse, inter-personal violence and oppression of all forms

> > are serious, and I am not defending abusers. However, survivors and abusers

> > both require support in moving on, either from being a victim or to being

> > held accountable. Accountability and Safer Space are the crux of the

> > Occupation.

> > .


> > divisive and ugly history within the New York City activist/anarchist

> > community. I do not want to see OWS implode from the inside. The Banksters

> > and the State will have an easy time sweeping us away if we get bogged down

> > in violent infighting instead of the civil, horizontal consensus process we

> > have enjoyed thus far.


> > With Sincerity and Peace in my heart,

> > Mellow Yellow

> > @critmasspanic