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 Accusations against individuals are not always true.  There must be a fair process to access any allegations.  (Provacateurs could split the whole thing apart just by making unfounded allegations against key individuals.)   All persons must be innocent until proven guilty.  The level of evidence needed must be decided on before incidences and should be high.  The punishment should be proportional to the crime.  Current law enfocement is currupt to the extent that it does not follow these principals, not because of them.
I have been working on this occupation since August 2nd, but if the GA allows railroading of accused individuals without due process I will drop the whole thing like a hot potato.
Thanks, John McG
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Hi All Amazing and Peaceful people,

I am going to propose at tonight's GA (if there is a nycga listserve can someone re-post this there) that the NYC GA become a signatory supporter of the statement on the website below.

Non-police individuals who have a history of violent language, threats and behavior towards myself and other activists were seen at Liberty Plaza Sunday afternoon/evening. I have spoken to many people who witnessed abusive and aggressive language and behavior last night during the GA seeking the expulsion of other individuals who HAVE NOT exhibited violent or abusive behavior at Liberty Plaza. Unfortunately it seems that the majority of the "Safer Spaces" working group is complicit in this behavior within OWS space, and there will also hopefully be some discussion about working group accountability, for ALL WORKING GROUPS tonight. If any representatives of the Safer Spaces group would like to meet with me at Liberty Plaza at 6pm under the red thing to address these concerns in a non-violent manner, I would really appreciate the chance speak and listen to them regarding the group's actions. Abuse, inter-personal violence and oppression of all forms are serious, and I am not defending abusers. However, survivors and abusers both require support in moving on, either from being a victim or to being held accountable. Accountability and Safer Space are the crux of the Occupation.
PLEASE TAKE THIS INTERNAL THREAT VERY SERIOUSLY, as it is a part of a very divisive and ugly history within the New York City activist/anarchist community. I do not want to see OWS implode from the inside. The Banksters and the State will have an easy time sweeping us away if we get bogged down in violent infighting instead of the civil, horizontal consensus process we have enjoyed thus far.

With Sincerity and Peace in my heart,
Mellow Yellow