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Ken, this is amazing! I'm going to phone you right now and forward your post to a few other list servs.

On Sun, Oct 2, 2011 at 3:11 AM, <> wrote:
FutureFarming.Org is launching an all out effort to be the movement
supporting the movement. At www.FutureFarming.Org/OperationLiberty/
there is a new forum to link supplies and needs, carpools, and allow
people to express themselves. This will be followed by as many supply
drops as we can arrange, including trying to charter a few buses from
upstate to the City. So please Tweet this address, use it to post
needs and help people get rides and supplies to Liberty Square.

I know there are other forums, but I am trying to consolidate, I have
a team here that can moderate and help link carpools, supply need and
donations, and arrange some bus charters 24/7. I have people in ME,
IN, NJ and of course upstate NY.

 we want to get this information out ASAP so we can bear some of the
load from here for our brothers and sisters and start trying to march
in the calvary while you all hold down the fort.

Our non-profits business line is 315-982-4430, text or call or email
if anyone needs more information, or has forum suggestions.
Peace and (hopefully!) Warmth

Ken Keplinger
Director - www.FutureFarming.Org