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Alla, I've cc'd the globalrevolutiontv google group. They should be able to field your question.

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I apologize in advance if I am wrongly disturbing you (Could you please forward this message to the right person then, if it is possible?). I am a web editor for RT America, the USA branch of RT news channel. We have been trying for a while to reach someone who works on Occupy Wall Street online broadcast and other video material you post online with regard of everything around the protest. We have been covering the protest starting the first day and plan to continue spreading the word about Occupy Wall Street online and on air (here’s our YouTube page - This is why we would like to get in touch with someone whom could talk to about the possibility to repost your recordings (permission, courtesy) and other options that you have regarding video footages.

Thank you so much.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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