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Sent time:   Tuesday, October 04, 2011 5:25:35 PM
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Subject:   SPAM-MED: [september17discuss] Re: ATTN TWEETERS: Tomorrow's march moved to Foley Square--correct yr info!

It is too late to put this to GA attention, so I will tweet now on the

one condition that we make an effort to pass a resolution that in the

future we completely reject the entire idea of requiring a "permit" to

exercise Constitutionally guaranteed rights. Of what possible,

conceivable use is a freedom of speech and assembly which we must ask

for? Asking for permissions implies legitimacy of a "no" answer. The

entire purpose of this freedom is to give us the ability to

unilaterally assert ourselves when our representatives fail to

represent us. The requirement of a permit is a direct nullification

of what is an unbridgeable right.


On Oct 4, 6:35 pm, Conor Tomás Reed <> wrote:

> Hello, OWS twitter-squad. Please update your info tweets to note that the

> mass 4:30pm rally tomorrow at City Hall Park has been moved to Foley Square

> so it can be given a marching permit (i.e. essentially no risk of arrest).




> thanks!

> -Conor