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> Class Action Lawsuit Filed in Brooklyn Bridge Mass Arrest

> Partnership for Civil Justice Fund Files Federal Constitutional Rights

> Class Action


> Attorneys from the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF) filed

> this afternoon a class action lawsuit against Mayor Bloomberg, Police

> Commissioner Kelly and the City of New York, charging mass violations

> of constitutional rights in the trap and detain mass arrest of

> demonstrators on the Brooklyn Bridge this past Saturday October 1,

> 2011.


> The lawsuit charges that "the NYPD engaged in a premeditated, planned,

> scripted, and calculated effort to sweep the streets of protestors and

> disrupt a growing protest movement in New York." The class action

> lawsuit, Garcia v. Bloomberg, was filed in the United States District

> Court for the Southern District of New York, Case No: 11 CIV 6957.


> The PCJF's attorneys were the lead counsel in the groundbreaking mass

> arrest lawsuits against the Washington, D.C. police when they engaged

> in similar trap and detain actions, mass arresting over 1,000 persons

> during demonstrations in 2000 and 2002. Those cases resulted in

> sweeping changes in police practices in the nation's capital including

> a ban on the trap and detain tactics that are now challenged in the

> Brooklyn Bridge lawsuit, and also resulted in what is believed to be

> the largest financial settlement of protest litigation in U.S.

> history.  The PCJF brought the successful litigation challenging the

> City of New York's efforts to ban mass assembly on the Great Lawn of

> Central Park during the 2004 Republican National Convention.


> "Police commanders led and escorted demonstrators onto the roadway of

> the Brooklyn Bridge in an intentional entrapment," stated Mara

> Verheyden-Hilliard, Executive Director of the PCJF and counsel on the

> litigation. "The police conducted a charade - and duly videotaped it -

> of speaking inaudibly into a bullhorn that could not be heard mere

> feet away from the officer. The NYPD knew no audible communication was

> given. The NYPD also knew that the Constitution requires that any

> ostensible command must be heard by those who are expected to be bound

> by it. Instead, the NYPD engaged in a performance, videotaped it, and

> sprang their trap. They then set their PR machine into motion, widely

> distributing their edited videos of events to spin a false narrative

> to the public and the media," she continued.


> "This lawsuit is brought on behalf of all New Yorkers," stated Carl

> Messineo, Legal Director of the PCJF and counsel on the suit. "People

> from all walks of life came down to the Wall Street area on Saturday

> to participate in a peaceful demonstration and many others joined the

> spirited march along the way. They had no intention of being arrested

> nor could they have had knowledge that the NYPD was preparing to

> entrap hundreds of them on the Brooklyn Bridge in an effort to stifle

> dissent."


> "This lawsuit is being filed now to send a clear message to the NYPD

> that this movement had the right to march on October 1 and has the

> right to march on any day without fear," continued Carl Messineo.

> "People have the right to speak out against Wall Street greed and

> growing poverty without fear that the NYPD would seek to illegally

> arrest them and suppress their mass assembly protest."


> To read the complaint, click here.


> ________________________________


> The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF) is a not-for-profit

> legal and educational organization which, among other things, seeks to

> ensure constitutional accountability within police practices and

> government transparency in operations. It is counsel on the Barham and

> Becker class action cases in which more than 1,000 persons were

> falsely arrested during protests in Washington, D.C., resulting in

> settlements totaling $22 million and major changes in police

> practices. The PCJF previously brought the successful litigation in

> New York challenging the 2004 ban on protests in the Great Lawn of

> Central Park. It won a unanimous ruling at the D.C. Circuit Court of

> Appeals finding the MPD’s unprecedented military-style police

> checkpoint program unconstitutional. The PCJF previously uncovered and

> disclosed that the D.C. police employed an unlawful domestic spying

> and agent provocateur program in which officers were sent on long-term

> assignments posing as political activists and infiltrated lawful and

> peaceful groups. For more information go to:


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