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The things food will always need include water, flatware (plates,

cups, forks, spoons, etc.) and hot, prepared food that can just be

grabbed or handed off. However, we have been encountering struggles

with storage as of late, as it's very difficult to keep everything

organized in such a small space, so if anyone has a storage facility

in the city where we could be able to keep things, that would be



On Oct 5, 12:21 am, keegan <> wrote:

> Lawrence Hanley, International President of the Amalgamated Transit

> Union, contacted me about supporting us. They have released a public

> statement of support for OWS and are mobilizing people for tomorrow.

> He wanted to know if we have any specific needs for tomorrow's action

> that he may be able to help with, and he wants me to keep him abreast

> of specific needs we have for other actions and supplies in general.


> Direct Action, is there anything you would like me to ask of him for

> tomorrow?


> Comfort, Food, everyone else is there anything specific you would like

> me to ask him for? He will be a great resource for supplies and

> funding.


> Amalgamated Transit Union is by far the most radical union around, and

> Lawrence sits on the executive council of the AFL, as well, so his

> support could be very helpful at important moments. Just let me know

> if you want to contact him.


> Cheers.

> Keegan

> Time's Up!