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Subject: Friday, Oct. 7, 5 pm - Haitians Cross Brooklyn Bridge to Join Occupy Wall Street
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P L E A S E  C I R C U L A T E


Cross the Brooklyn Bridge ● Show Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street Movement

Friday, OCTOBER 7, 2011
4 p.m. - Rally @ Cadman Plaza Park, Brooklyn
5 p.m. - March across the Brooklyn Bridge
6 p.m. - Rally with demonstrators at Liberty Plaza, Manhattan

To SHOW SOLIDARITY with the protestors of the OCCUPY WALL STREET movement, the HAITIAN COMMUNITY will march across the Brooklyn Bridge to Liberty Plaza.

The same BANKERS and CAPITALISTS who are driving North American working people into poverty, debt and homelessness have IMPOVERISHED HAITI for decades.

In APRIL 1990, OCTOBER 1991, AUGUST 1997 and MARCH 2000, Haitians have made a TRADITION of marching across the Brooklyn Bridge to protest racism, coup d’états, and police brutality. In 2011, the tradition will continue as the Haitian community shows its solidarity with the thousands rising up against capitalist greed and crisis.

END the UN military occupation of Haiti!
NO to reestablishing the coup-making Haitian Army!
NO to Bill Clinton’s Interim Haiti Recovery Commission !
Let the people OCCUPY WALL STREET !

For more information: 718-362-0763, 917-251-6057, or 718-421-0162

Initiated by: Fanmi Lavalas (NY), International Support Haiti Network (ISHN) & Konbit Ayisyen pou Kore Lakay (KAKOLA)