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Hey Drew,

Marissa told me to FWD you the below schedule of upcoming speakers at the red beams for the nycga site.

I'm Dave, by the way. Nice to meet ya.

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Hey Michael, spoke to yesterday about adding something from our group in the journal. Due to the lack of time we have come up with something very basic, for the next time we will add more but it will be great if the below text could be published.


The Education and Empowerment group at OWS has been organizing Open Forum Teach-Ins at the square everyday at 6.

Open Forum is a discussion series on the issues of the occupation. This is a space for open discussion, collaboration, support, and solidarity. We are inviting communities, organizations and individuals struggling against current injustices in society to make their voices heard and join the Occupy Wall Street movement. Community organizers, unions, minorities, immigrants, workers, students and academics are invited to speak and lead discussions. Individual and organizations of all background have a chance to share their vision and shape our movement. Feel free to share their vision and shape our movement.

The Open Forum is also open to presentations on movements throughout the world. Last Sunday, the focus turned to Spain and the May 15 Movement. Participants discussed its main characteristics, focusing especially in its broad character and the novelty of its organizational forms.  The need for a redefinition of politics and the importance of empowerment learning and building together an open process besides previous political identities. It was a rainy but warm evening, in which people's mic amplified ideas and words such as "Create a city  / within the city / to show the city / how the city should be".

Come join us for our upcoming speakers by the red beams at the square.

10/6  Naomi Klein
10/7  Ruso: " Lawrence of Arabia in Wall street" : Lines on a preceding present
10/8  Brian Holmes : The financial mind and transformation of global class structure.
10/9  4:30pm David Jaramillo : Photo essay on the Oaxaca uprising.
         6pm Updates from Movement for justice in El Barrio
10/10 Betty Yu & Seven Renderos: Media Justice Organizing
10/13 Ali: Organizing Effectively without Hierarchy
10/14 Behzad Yaghmaian : The war on the public sector, A new global strategy for labor market restructuring.