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ILWU Int’l President Bob McEllrath releases solidarty statement in

support of ‘Occupy Wall Street’

OCTOBER 5, 2011 11:37 AM

October 5, 2011


Dear Sisters and Brothers,


On behalf of 40,000 members in the International Longshore and

Warehouse Union (ILWU), I want to thank you for organizing your

“Occupy Wall Street” protest in New York City which is inspiring

millions of Americans.


Most of us are tired of seeing a handful of the richest corporations

and executives behave as though they’re entitled to live like kings at

everyone’s expense:


They aren’t paying their fair share of taxes, so schools are cutting

back and colleges are

raising fees – leaving students with obscene debts. It’s time for the

millionaires – the richest 1% – to start paying their fair share so we

can support education and other vital services.


They’re destroying our democracy and right to a voice in the

workplace. By making it almost impossible for workers to form unions

and negotiate fair agreements, corporate America is dragging down the

living standards for all working families.


They’re threatening to destroy Social Security and Medicare for future

generations. We can’t allow corporations to privatize and profit from

these programs. Instead, we should close the loopholes so

corporations and the rich start paying the same contributions as

everyone else.


Your decision to bring these and other issues to corporate America’s

doorstep is courageous – and involves some risks. We weren’t

surprised that some of you have faced beatings and pepper spray from

overzealous police. Your crusade to shine a light on the corruption

and injustice that’s infecting Wall Street is bound to ruffle some

feathers. We’ve experienced some similar rough treatment in Longview,

Washington, where ILWU families are also taking a stand against

corporate greed. Our fight there is against EGT, a multi-national

corporation that took taxpayer subsidies to build a grain export

terminal – then betrayed workers and the community.


Like you, ILWU members in Longview have been arrested, beaten and

pepper spayed. We know

that justice won’t be won by asking greedy employers for permission or

waiting for politicians to pass laws. That’s why we hope that you’ll

stand your ground on Wall Street while we do the same in Longview –

because An Injury To One Is An Injury To All!


Robert McEllrath

International President






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