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A couple highlights from the mtg tonight before my report-back to the GA tomorrow:

1) I went with Naomi Less (@jchicksrock) from the outreach committee, and Jenipher and Michael and Ted - all local residents - also came in solidarity.

2) There were about 25 people at the mtg at 49-51 Chambers, across from Tweed. From what I could tell, many were board members (specifically from the Finance District Committee), and one rep of NYPD.

3) The CB is in contact with NYPD, Mayor's Office and Brookfield. They are considering a resolution w/r/to OWS, but there is no consensus on what it should be (or if it should be positive/negative)

4) Most of the meeting centered around concerns about sound. The CB is interested in working with us to get amplification sound permit for "judicious" use of sound and to lower the total noise of the people's mic.

5) The NYPD rep at one point said flatly that the big question is "when you guys will leave". Showing their true colors.

6) One resident opined that we should not rally on Saturday due to Yom Kippur holiday. I said I would bring that to committee, but that I didn't think it would gain consensus as we already have a rally planned.

7) The board will meet again soon and have invited us to consider creating a "good neighbor" resolution addressing noise, sharing of public space, and other little areas of concern not yet defined.

8) A couple facts came out in mtg: that mayor's office is coordinating most of this, that homeland security ordered barricades on wall st and nypd has no authority to take 'em down


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A few of us from Community Relations will be there. 

You are welcome to join, it's an open mtg. But please meet us at 5:45 at media to come as a contingent.

10/5        Financial District Committee – 6:00 PM
Location: Community Board #1 Office
                49-51 Chambers Street, Room 709
1) 97 Trinity Place, application for a restaurant wine and beer license for 97 Trinity Place Corp., d/b/a Sabor de Mexico – Resolution
2) Discussion regarding anti-Wall Street protests