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soros has for a long time been the number one bete-noire of the libertarian conspiracy-mongers. don't pay them any attention.
it's also sad to see the right-wing smear campaign against acorn continuing. acorn was the most effective organization around in getting poor, mostly black, people registered to vote. so of course it had to be destroyed.

sylver pondolfino

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Subject: [september17discuss] Big Soros Money Linked to “Occupy Wall Street”
Date: Thursday, October 6, 2011, 3:20 AM

Another conspirator said to be pulling the strings, disgraced ACORN founder and union boss Wade Rathke, was advocating massive “Day of Rage” protests targeting bankers earlier this year. And he is also closely tied to Obama, who actually used to work for Rathke’s “community organizing” outfit.

ACORN, of course, was recently exposed engaging in widespread criminal activity while receiving millions of federal tax dollars. But after the organization filed for bankruptcy, its tentacles are taking over under new names — and still receiving government handouts.

Rathke is also a founding board member of the Soros-funded Tides Foundation, a key source of money for AdBusters magazine (which first called for the Wall Street occupation) and countless other anti-business groups. And he is directly tied to more than a few unions including the SEIU.