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Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] Salsa is offering their CRM tool

I agree that outreach is happening on the ground, but please in all

positive constructive energy, i just want to point out there are

serious gaps in organization happening to our discredit.


On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 4:33 PM, shaista husain <> wrote:

> HI i would also like to participate in this,  i have been collecting

> people's names and working group info, i have several pages here. I

> gave two to someone in internet, no one is getting back to anyone.

> Seems there is too much work to do and serious gaps in our

> organization. I tried to add some working groups to the list as well,

> meeting times, trying to contact group "leaders" or point of contact.

> Yes i have been around OWS since the get go, but just for

> clarification--how much is this lack of trust going to be a cover for

> lack of democratic participation?



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>> Does August 16th count? :-)


>> --glj


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>> Subject: Re: [september17discuss] Salsa is offering their CRM tool

>> whoever takes on Salsa / DIA project has to be a 100% trusted 99%er ;-)  It

>> would be very dangerous to leave this task to someone who has not been

>> around from the get go



>> On 10/6/2011 3:25 PM, Charles Lenchner wrote:


>> I passed grimwomyn's email address to the salsa folks.

>> I do wonder about something.... there is an 'internet working group' with

>> minutes posted on the nycga site. I've added comments a few times asking

>> about a crm, etc. I offered to help. No one wrote back to me.... which is

>> fine. My wondering is about which working group would be taking ownership of

>> salsa? And what about the possibility that the internet working group is

>> working on something parallel? Or the media working group? Who could we say

>> is 'representing' OWS in all matters pertaining to CRM usage?

>> Charles


>> On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 3:17 PM, David DeGraw <> wrote:


>>> just saw this, inbox a mess.  We have used Salsa / DIA since they first

>>> launched.  It would be an excellent tool to create a mailing list and a

>>> petition-like way of taking in online votes for demands and other actions.

>>> This would be a VITAL tool.  who can make sure it happens?




>>> On 10/5/2011 3:40 PM, Charles Lenchner wrote:


>>> Hey all...

>>> I just joined the list and plan to introduce myself. But I learned

>>> something and wanted to get it in the right hands - it's unclear what that

>>> means!

>>> Salsa is a Constituent Relationship Manager. It is used by political

>>> groups and nonprofits on the progressive side of the fence. They would like

>>> to offer use if this product to Occupy Wall Street for free. It's a great

>>> tool that I'm familiar with - it does email blasting, list building,

>>> integrates with fundraising pages, signups, advocacy actions, letters to the

>>> editor, events management, etc.

>>> Folks might have various opinions about using this. My question is: which

>>> group or committee is qualified to make a decision on such a thing on behalf

>>> of 'Occupy Wall Street'?

>>> I beg forgiveness if this was discussed previously - the NYCGA site didn't

>>> include any mention of it that I could find, so it seemed a bit like an

>>> orphan issue.

>>> Thanks in advance,

>>> Charles Lenchner