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Yes, i agree with you, sorry, i am alluding to more structural

problems that emerge from this problem. Not attacking anyone, but

there is an information gap that is widening between autonomous

groups. I have several articles i can post here that are dismaying:,

about the lack of people of color. Being on the ground i am witnessing

first hand how lots of great folks are coming in, but finding no way

to actively participate and engage in working groups, not because they

are not wanted or needed or there is some "white supremacist

conspiracy" or "middle class white leadership" invisible to all. i am

aware that is completely false, and will not post all those articles

here. But seriously need to address structural issues at hand, how to

make transparent the fact and reality on the ground, which is the

opposite of what these articles reflect. We need to be able to relay

information that is happening on the ground more effectively this is

not necessarily the fault of the internet teams working tirelessly--or

anyone for that matter, its just something we MUST actively negate

--when more people of color and immigrants enter a movement it changes

the political dynamics. Which is a good thing. We need to enfranchise

more folks period.




On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 4:41 PM, David DeGraw <> wrote:

> no, not a cover at all for demo-process.  just trying to guard against

> saboteurs - people will try to infiltrate n sabotage - no doubt.


> not that we should be paranoid, just careful




> On 10/6/2011 4:33 PM, shaista husain wrote:


>> HI i would also like to participate in this,  i have been collecting

>> people's names and working group info, i have several pages here. I

>> gave two to someone in internet, no one is getting back to anyone.

>> Seems there is too much work to do and serious gaps in our

>> organization. I tried to add some working groups to the list as well,

>> meeting times, trying to contact group "leaders" or point of contact.

>> Yes i have been around OWS since the get go, but just for

>> clarification--how much is this lack of trust going to be a cover for

>> lack of democratic participation?



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>>> Does August 16th count? :-)


>>> --glj


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>>> whoever takes on Salsa / DIA project has to be a 100% trusted 99%er ;-)

>>>  It

>>> would be very dangerous to leave this task to someone who has not been

>>> around from the get go



>>> On 10/6/2011 3:25 PM, Charles Lenchner wrote:


>>> I passed grimwomyn's email address to the salsa folks.

>>> I do wonder about something.... there is an 'internet working group' with

>>> minutes posted on the nycga site. I've added comments a few times asking

>>> about a crm, etc. I offered to help. No one wrote back to me.... which is

>>> fine. My wondering is about which working group would be taking ownership

>>> of

>>> salsa? And what about the possibility that the internet working group is

>>> working on something parallel? Or the media working group? Who could we

>>> say

>>> is 'representing' OWS in all matters pertaining to CRM usage?

>>> Charles


>>> On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 3:17 PM, David DeGraw<>

>>>  wrote:



>>>> just saw this, inbox a mess.  We have used Salsa / DIA since they first

>>>> launched.  It would be an excellent tool to create a mailing list and a

>>>> petition-like way of taking in online votes for demands and other

>>>> actions.

>>>> This would be a VITAL tool.  who can make sure it happens?




>>>> On 10/5/2011 3:40 PM, Charles Lenchner wrote:


>>>> Hey all...

>>>> I just joined the list and plan to introduce myself. But I learned

>>>> something and wanted to get it in the right hands - it's unclear what

>>>> that

>>>> means!

>>>> Salsa is a Constituent Relationship Manager. It is used by political

>>>> groups and nonprofits on the progressive side of the fence. They would

>>>> like

>>>> to offer use if this product to Occupy Wall Street for free. It's a

>>>> great

>>>> tool that I'm familiar with - it does email blasting, list building,

>>>> integrates with fundraising pages, signups, advocacy actions, letters to

>>>> the

>>>> editor, events management, etc.

>>>> Folks might have various opinions about using this. My question is:

>>>> which

>>>> group or committee is qualified to make a decision on such a thing on

>>>> behalf

>>>> of 'Occupy Wall Street'?

>>>> I beg forgiveness if this was discussed previously - the NYCGA site

>>>> didn't

>>>> include any mention of it that I could find, so it seemed a bit like an

>>>> orphan issue.

>>>> Thanks in advance,

>>>> Charles Lenchner