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I was not pissed off either, but I still think the movement would grow bigger without throwing around the word "revolution."  Most people don't hear it the way you guys do.  We need millions on the streets, and I don't think they are ready for revolution, yet.  I realize that most of the energy for this movement comes from people that agree more with Harrison than me, but I just ask you all to be a little more strategic, in your thinking.  For example, having a tussle with the police at the end of a day when we were getting so much good press about Unions and New Yorkers getting involved in OWS, was really stepping on our own message.  We should try to avoid having stories about us competing with each other.  It would have been more strategic to bumrush Wall Str on a slower news day, and with less cops around lol.  (Remember diversity of tactics means that legal tactics are also acceptable.  We have a lot of causes to put foward and freedom of assembly is just one.)
Thnx for your patience and impatience, John
On 10/06/11, Harrison Schultz<> wrote:
I'm glad that my words pissed off the enemy and that they didn't piss off any of you, dear comrades!  I'll keep working with Patrick to fuck with the mass media!



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Please forgive me I know there is a safety group, but it isn't listed
on the NYCGA.. perhaps we need to UP the comfort zone...i am looking
for the working group addressing all aspects of security on NYCGA

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> In many ways, you aren't a legit people's movement until you get death
> threats from Glenn Beck's people.
> I consider it a rite of passage...
> -justin
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>> If there is one thing that this movement clearly represents, without
>> demands, is the HUMAN ALTERNATIVE to the RIGHT WING. Once we mention
>> "ReVolution" it will become clear to the world to see that there may
>> be a silent majority of revolutionaries in the US fed up and come of
>> age--let the racist right wing watch how we grow and spread across the
>> US.
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>> > Excellent interview!  Wow, those comments are really despicable!  I
>> > could
>> > only stomach a few...
>> >
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>> >>
>> >> Brilliant Harrison!!!!
>> >>
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>> >> > You look great, sorry for the threats. For now it merely betrays them
>> >> > as the lying authoritarian bastards they really are.
>> >
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