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Sent time:   Thursday, October 06, 2011 11:09:22 PM
To:   september17 <>
Subject:   [september17discuss] Re: George Soros NO THANKS !!!

I wouldn't worry overly about Soros' ability to corrupt or coopt OWS.

I would focus on building and broadening the movement. That's the best

'innoculation.' To the extent that it taps into the deep anger at the

misery Soros' class is creating for working people, and the deep

distrust in a political establishment that has ever more shamelessly

done the bidding of that class, I don't believe anything Soros can

say, or do, will have much traction. What is important is that this

incipient movement broaden and deepen its bases and leadership among

those who have the most at stake in beating back Wall Street.


So, let him come. Debate him. Let everyone see that the problem isn't

good or bad people, but a system in which one class accumulates wealth

at the expense of another, and the solution isn't voting for a party

representing that first class, nor even the ballot box, itself, but a

movement representing the majority, in the streets, the schools, the

workplaces and Liberty Park.



On Oct 6, 6:33 pm, jerome <> wrote:

> i totaly agree with you. plus the fact that he spent money on supporting

> things agree with to make it fail.

> i'not to exlude him in any way. but to make sure he has to be honest with

> us.


> because him beeing a mega speculator, on subprimes lending, public debt,

> currencies,etc.

> i don't understand in what way he understands us?


> i see it like an inicism.