From:   Shoq Value <>
Sent time:   Friday, October 07, 2011 12:04:20 AM
Subject:   [september17discuss] Important information about the new #OWS hashtag on twitter

Hello group. Thank you for the invite. 

I am @Shoq on @Twitter. Last week, I was able to secure the generous support of @alternet for the site. 

I'm currently at work on several projects for the movement, but most recently I've been trying to encourage a change of twitter tags from the long and very character-hungry #occupywallstr, to the far slimmer and more efficient #OWS tag. Tweet space is a precious thing, and the old #occupyWallstreet tag, especially when combined with other tags, was just not twitter-savvy for a revolution that should appear so in every way :)

It's only been promoted for one day since @occupyWallst first announced the change, as show here: 

  @occupywallstLet's stop the hash tag soup and use #ows for OccupyWallStreet 

With the help of many friends and journos, even on such short notice, it's already in pretty wide rotation after only a day. Ed Schultz has already starting using the #OWS tag on his story banner on @MSNBC.  It should get much more traction once the local occupies create their own tags to work with it.  

It's meant to be used like Twitter's #p2 tag (which I co-founded a few years ago), and has become more or less the default progressive tag. My experience with it, as well with my #FF#MT and other tags, all convince me that #OWS will quickly be seen as the main communication and "branding tag" for the Occupy Wall Street effort in all its glorious forms, worldwide.


Local Occupies can choose to use the much shorter #OWS tag as their top umbella tag—-which I call a clear channel tag— and optionally, combine it with their local occupy tag of choice.  The umbrella tag goes to everyone, even though some may focus on only a local subset of the stream, such as only the local #occupy tag, and/or other kinds of topical #identifiers: 

 #ows  #ows_Portland 
 #ows  #owsPortland
 #ows  #ows_events

It also works well with their existing occupy names:
#ows #occupyDC

Naturally, you can help by using the new tag exclusively. It's already so widely followed, that any major media and most of your regular retweeters will see and echo your tweets with it immediately.

The admin of has suggested that she would post the new tag on the site. If she in fact does that, it should become ubiquitous in a matter of days.

As this movement grows, I think it will appreciate this tweet-space economy move :)

I think about how to help this movement every day. I never really envisioned Americans finally taking the streets. Now that the have, I hope we can all make the effort productive and successful.

Please follow me on Twitter so I can get to know each of you, and reach you as needed. I love cats, and am pretty good at herding them on short notice, so it helps when I know who is whom.

I am also building a pretty extensive twitter list of key people and feeds which I will release when it's a bit more mature. So feel free to Tweet or DM me and get yourselves on it. 

I will also post this memo at my blog, found at



"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." 
    — John F. Kennedy