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re how is winning measured, what is reasonable and realistic:
Winning is measured by whether everyone who needs a job has one.
Reasonable: the same, plus what working people decide is reasonable, not the rich or their political servants.
Realistic: shifting the TRILLIONS held by banks and corporations to provision of services through public works jobs.
I love how what was "realistic" during the Depression, at least in rhetoric, is now out of bounds in polite discourse.
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Subject: [september17discuss] Re: American Jobs Act
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The "We're not leaving" until we get the change we deserve is the compelling narrative for me, and many.  But there still has to be some kind of deliverable. At some point, Congress and the people will ask "How is winning measured?" There needs to be a reasonable set of demands which can be realistically achieved while the public's interest is there and focused. If that is squandered, it will be very hard to get back.  The movement needs some "wins" early on.