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As some one who the democratic party kicked off the ballot I dis-

agree. I like Naomis "hitting your head against the same wall is a sign

of insanity" I honstly think that by voting Green you get more results

then working familys or dems. We need deep structal changes.


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People like Kilkenny have been writing about 3rd parties for 200 years.

 It's a waste of energy. Unless you have 20 million people in it, and

can prove it, It's far harder than anyone knows (and takes years).  I

think the goal should be to make the parties come back to serving the

people. They are politicians. Show them the votes, and they will kiss

your ass almost as fast as that of any tasty lobbyist.


Our mistake on the American left is always looking for magic bullets.

There are none. Except the people themselves. Get enough people in the

streets, and keep them there, and you won't need a 3rd party. You will

have the sympathy and vote of the people. And there has always been

strength in that. Our problem as a culture is not voting for change;

it's thinking that our obligations end there.