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No! It is not our job to make demands. It is our job to create a crisis. Let them figure out how to solve things. I'm sorry, Shoq, but this thing is capturing people's imaginations and growing at a staggering rate. It would be foolhardy to switch up the strategy so radically when it is working so well. Your proclamation that people will lose interest fast is unsupported by any evidence or historical parallel. Here's mine on this exact question.

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my proposal is 2 new demands (or 3)
every week
and we call them amendment  demands to our
That way we are the future and not some liberal caucus
makes the  anarchists happy and us lefties
all happy all strong and occupying !

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Well said, Charles.

You said "Personally, I think it would be great to 
say "We want this this and this, and we're not leaving. However, once 
we get those things, we're STILL not leaving because there's still so 
much to be done and we will continue forward." 

The "We're not leaving" until we get the change we deserve is the compelling narrative for me, and many.  But there still has to be some kind of deliverable. At some point, Congress and the people will ask "How is winning measured?" There needs to be a reasonable set of demands which can be realistically achieved while the public's interest is there and focused. If that is squandered, it will be very hard to get back.  The movement needs some "wins" early on.

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