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Agreed with Shaista. Let's move as far away from the ballerina poster that a lot of us had issues with way back when.


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A huge backlash is coming against this movement by those powerful people of color minorities who have been protesting their whole lives, that this movement is white and middle class. It is important to us that is is not ALWAYS represented that way, taking issues of representation in our "official" campaigns, a little sensitivity to diversity is what demarcates us clearly from RIGHT WING movement that is also against Wall St.--we are multicultural ----that has to be emphasized always, as you know the IDF across britain, the islamophobes all the racist haters are also up in arms against wall street. What differentiates us is our MULTICULTURALISM. Breivnik by killing students in Norway has ushered in the neo-fascist hatred for white people who stand in arms with people of color and immigrants. All of you white comrades in this movement stand together with historically oppressed people as brothers and sisters. Please take this seriously in love and comradeship, we need to protect each other. Our language needs to reflect this on every level. We need to be politically savvy inclusive and sophisticated.
Thank you,

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Some more people of color "speaking for this movement" in the media team--you know who go out to mainstream media, also would not hurt us.

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Can you put some dreadlocks on her, does every female the represents this movement have to be visibly white? Perhaps just one poster with illustrating some sensitivity to people of color who make up the majority of THIS CITY???? This movement is not all white people and if there is NO leadership, then it becomes important to be sensitive about images of individuals who come to signify the movement as a whole. PERHAPS and now im begging you comrades, its so real it fucking hurts, can we get some people of color visibility.. ATLEAST ONE poster that reflects this? I bet you it will be so celebrated!!! Perhaps an indigenous woman? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE> folks.. Thanks!!!

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It's fantastic and uplifting!  I ended a morbid blogpost with it, here...

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this would be an awesome sticker as well!

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Friends & Fellow Occupiers,

To help our powerful, new Occupy Movement spread to other cites, I've created a powerful new poster (attached).

Please help circulate this poster image (e-mail, facebook, twitter, print, etc.), and help build momentum in the streets! 

Now is our time.

Thank you,
- Eric

P.S. And please pass along this URL, where people can downed hi-res versions of the new posters in many languages: