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great-- I am actually fielding a lot of news requests, Shaista, please

send me a handful names that I can forward on to press interview





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> I think the idea is a decent one, but certainly can't be the entirety of our efforts. (It's a gimmick, but gimmicks are not necessarily bad.)


> --glj

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> So how do we spread this strategy to the movement at large? This is

> not something you can impose, you can't impose silence on anyone, i am

> against that and i doubt it will be productive. The goal is to

> increase multiculturalism grassroots pro-actively on the ground and be

> careful about all issues of representation in the larger media. We

> must bring some proposals for multiculturalism to the General Assembly

> and have it address once and for all a statement about

> multiculturalism. Our media team has to put forth more people of color

> voices and send that out to all media outlets.


> On Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 4:17 PM, Matthew Presto <> wrote:

>> I don't think setting aside a single day will really be helpful and instead

>> ends up tokenizing, but.. there's a good rule of thumb to follow, whether

>> speaking to the media or participating in the General Assembly: if your

>> voice has been disproportionately represented, then step back.

>> This can happen in conjunction with (particularly whites and/or men)

>> encouraging journalists to speaking to a wider diversity of voices.

>> Matt


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>> wrote:


>>> Micah, we are not trying to silence our white comrades, they don't

>>> need to tell the media to talk to someone black--its nice if they do,

>>> but that is not necessary--the official mainstream media just

>>> automatically goes to white people first, because they take whiteness

>>> as the dominant narrative. White people can talk blackness

>>> themselves--this is tactics of subversion. This is the point--white

>>> people are capable of speaking in solidarity with people of color and

>>> expressing their multiculturalism--just like black people and

>>> immigrants assimilate here in the US, white people can also assimilate

>>> blackness, global justice, multiculturalism... as they are doing on

>>> the ground day to day in this movement. We need to put

>>> multiculturalism on the top of our media strategy no matter who

>>> speaks. And also, allow the true factual diversity--impossible to

>>> ignore--- to come to the i support your efforts!


>>> On Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 3:57 PM, Micah White <> wrote:

>>> > Proposal: We pick one day in which everyone who speaks to the media at

>>> > #OWS

>>> > is not white. If the media try to talk to you, and you're white - then

>>> > you

>>> > tell them to talk to someone who is not white. Flood the world with

>>> > images

>>> > and words of non-white members of #OWS.

>>> >

>>> > Then we have one day where everyone is a woman, or one day where

>>> > everyone is

>>> > over 40 years old.

>>> >