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Charles Lenchner, these same companies that operate according to those

guidelines will often be perfectly unfair in other ways. Usually,

they seek to include people within certain superficial categories of

"identity" after some social pressure to do so, but whenever they can

get away with it, they will fire, harass, or just refuse to hire

people based on all sorts of reasons that are not made concerns for

them in any specific guidelines. (And incidentally, many "equal

opportunity employers" discriminate in hiring based on age. I've seen

that first-hand, and it was rather blatant.)


By the way, the same principles (or approaches lacking all principles)

extend to the idea of "protected groups" under the law. I've seen

cases in the past in which employers were making sure that people

being harassed or fired couldn't claim it was because they were in one

of those "protected groups." Outside of those guidelines, employees

can be pretty safely harassed or fired for any number of reasons that

have nothing to do with anyone's standard of fairness.


That is all the result of liberal, pro-capitalist policies that are

the products of compromises worked out by people who badly hope that

we never look at the whole system too deeply. :)


Anyway, I wouldn't want to look up to some company, some corporation

with these slickly designed strategic practices, as an example.


I hope others agree.



On Oct 7, 10:04 pm, Charles Lenchner <> wrote:

> Van Jones was there this evening.

> If anyone wants to 'have more people of color present and represented' then

> a better model to look at are the requirements of certain companies when

> they search for jobs. They work with guidelines for how to reach candidates

> of color, a statement that they welcome candidates of color, and they

> actually plan searches in such a way as to be sure that they get the right

> pool of applicants. That is a very different approach than 'getting who you

> can get' or 'working with folks who show up.'


> OWS, to the extent possible with such loose organizational dynamics, can

> explicitly extend invitations to organizations with membership largely made

> up of people of color, could establish roles for people whose job is to

> welcome/explain/introduce reps from these groups if/when they visit, keep a

> list of 'representative voices' to suggest to visiting media that includes

> demographic information, and maintain a list of media representations that

> we feel do a good job representing our diversity.


> This is not about saying things to feel good; it's about action plans that

> produce particular results. It's not tokenism, it's integrating a commitment

> through actions. This kind of effort will not only produce desirable

> outcomes for the representation of PoC (and people of faith, age diversity,

> geographic diversity, orientation, gender, etc.) but it will ALSO

> help inoculate the OWS efforts from senseless and destructive attacks from

> extreme quarters.


> Just a thought.


> Charles








> On Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 8:37 PM, David DeGraw <> wrote:

> > **

> > just talked w/ Glen Ford - he will be at park at 3 pm tomorrow, can we get

> > him on the livestream?  he is down to do some interviews:


> > see:

> >


> > On 10/7/2011 7:09 PM, wrote:


> >   I am working in staten Island to reach the people I know.  We are all

> > outreach and we all need to reach out to as many people and as many kinds of

> > people as possible.


> > On 10/07/11, shaista husain<><>wrote:

> > So how do we spread this strategy to the movement at large? This is

> > not something you can impose, you can't impose silence on anyone, i am

> > against that and i doubt it will be productive. The goal is to

> > increase multiculturalism grassroots pro-actively on the ground and be

> > careful about all issues of representation in the larger media. We

> > must bring some proposals for multiculturalism to the General Assembly

> > and have it address once and for all a statement about

> > multiculturalism. Our media team has to put forth more people of color

> > voices and send that out to all media outlets.


> > On Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 4:17 PM, Matthew Presto <>

> > wrote:

> > > I don't think setting aside a single day will really be helpful and

> > instead

> > > ends up tokenizing, but.. there's a good rule of thumb to follow, whether

> > > speaking to the media or participating in the General Assembly: if your

> > > voice has been disproportionately represented, then step back.

> > > This can happen in conjunction with (particularly whites and/or men)

> > > encouraging journalists to speaking to a wider diversity of voices.

> > > Matt


> > > On Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 4:08 PM, shaista husain <>

> > > wrote:


> > >> Micah, we are not trying to silence our white comrades, they don't

> > >> need to tell the media to talk to someone black--its nice if they do,

> > >> but that is not necessary--the official mainstream media just

> > >> automatically goes to white people first, because they take whiteness

> > >> as the dominant narrative. White people can talk blackness

> > >> themselves--this is tactics of subversion. This is the point--white

> > >> people are capable of speaking in solidarity with people of color and

> > >> expressing their multiculturalism--just like black people and

> > >> immigrants assimilate here in the US, white people can also assimilate

> > >> blackness, global justice, multiculturalism... as they are doing on

> > >> the ground day to day in this movement. We need to put

> > >> multiculturalism on the top of our media strategy no matter who

> > >> speaks. And also, allow the true factual diversity--impossible to

> > >> ignore--- to come to the i support your efforts!


> > >> On Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 3:57 PM, Micah White <>

> > wrote:

> > >> > Proposal: We pick one day in which everyone who speaks to the media at

> > >> > #OWS

> > >> > is not white. If the media try to talk to you, and you're white - then

> > >> > you

> > >> > tell them to talk to someone who is not white. Flood the world with

> > >> > images

> > >> > and words of non-white members of #OWS.


> > >> > Then we have one day where everyone is a woman, or one day where

> > >> > everyone is

> > >> > over 40 years old.