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Sent time:   Saturday, October 08, 2011 10:27:58 AM
Subject:   [september17discuss] Questions and proposal abt info systems

Hi there,

I'm guessing there are probably already systems in place to address these questions but after a week onsite I'm having trouble figuring out what they are.

I and a couple of other folks tried to make the working group check-in this morning but it had been moved off-site and no one at the info table or around our mic check were able to tell us where it was moved to.

Made me think it'd be great if Working Groups could have someone notify the Info Table when there's a spontaneous decision to move meetings off site.  For spontaneous/unscheduled moves, the Red Cube across the street or Charlotte seem to be the best spots: ideally, if we don't know where to find folks, checking in those two places will work.

Is it possible for Working Groups and the Info desk to have white boards where they write in the where/when of upcoming meetings?   

Also, a couple of questions: I've been asking around and folks don't seem to know, and I can't find any info online about the following:

Where do we post minutes?  I know they go on this site:, I think most people don't know about this website, I don't see it linked to from, and don't see instructions on the site on where to email or post notes.  

Is there a listserv for working group checkins and coordination, and mtg minutes?  Is this the one?  Seems like list this is more for discussion rather than working business.  Does it makes sense to have separate Sept17-discuss and Sept17-WG lists?

Thanks, and apologies if this is the wrong forum.




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