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 People can't occupy their homes against the sheriff by themselves.  There is an organization that helps people do that kind of thing that was on this listserve for a while.  Does anyone know who they were and how we can support them?
On 10/07/11, grimwomyn<> wrote:
I think a simple twitter handle #OccupyHomes coupled with
#occupytogether ought to do it.... and what do you think about this?

On Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 10:00 PM, Alexandre Machado De Sant'Anna
Carvalho <> wrote:
> Dear Friends:
> Just read at the enemy's newspaper (Wall Street Journal, ha) that over
> 600,000- 1 million Americans face foreclosure threats due to the mortgage
> scam and mass unemployment. Can we launch a campaign called "OccupyMyHome",
> where we invite people - alongside neighboors and friends in solidarity - to
> refuse to leave their homes when evicting officers come. To hold their
> ground, in civil disobedience against a obvious injustice perpetrated by
> political economic forces that work against the people?
> This campaign, alongside the "move your money from big banks to credit
> unions" would deliver a blow to financial institutions and make the powerful
> listen.
> On a practical note, it would be awesome if we had programmers who could
> code a web platform where people at risk of eviction add in their home to a
> georeferenced map, and through it call on neighboors and friends to hold
> their ground, camping at their place, and of course, documenting
> everything. Each day people upload that information, alongside any videos
> of resistance, to that platform so the world could be in support.
> Anyone willing to help spread this idea forth, and actualize it? I am
> computer-coding ignorant, unfortunately!
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