Sent time:   Saturday, October 08, 2011 9:35:46 PM
Subject:   [september17discuss] Don't let their poison divide us.

Hello All, 

Divide and Conquer is the most effective technique used by the 1% over the centuries.  Don’t let their poison divide us.  Accusing each other of bias will doom us to failure.


I have been working with the GA on OWS since August 2, and I have been working with many of the occupiers since before that.  We are the most fiercely inclusive group I have ever met.  We want to include all of the 99%.  We all came together because we are trying to save the world, and we know we need everyone to do it.  I have never seen anyone in all of these months exclude or talk about excluding anyone based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender preference or any of the other divisions (except maybe for being capitalists, which I think is a mistake).


We are building a new structure from scratch, without the comforts of leadership and hierarchy to keep everything flowing smoothly.  Communications can be a problem.  Working groups can be hard to find.  Sometimes when I find them they already have their own ideas and don’t want to change easily.  They are human.


I am a middle aged white male.  I hate saying that.  I was raised to interact with people as individuals and to judge their actions and not their identities.  I am not a socialist or an anarchist, so I am under represented at OWS, but I am trying to save the world, so I keep putting forth my opinions even though many of my opinions are not popular, and doing outreach to everyone I know, even though many of my friends are not socialists or anarchists.  I do not judge my colleages at OWS based on their labels, but on their commitment and perserverence.  I love the energy and bravery and ideas brought to the GA by all of the different groups represented here. 


I am trying to build a world that does not concentrate on our differences but our similarities.  We all bleed.  We all cry.  We all love.  We all need each other.


I understand that the centuries of oppression are real, and ongoing.  I am not saying that we should be blind to bias.  But our reaction to it must be proactive and not divisive.  I have no problem with progressive stack.  I have no problem with affirmative action.  If you feel someone is under represented.  Go out and drag them to the GA.  If you feel they voices are not being heard, beg them to raise their hands and make their opinions heard.  We are listening.


Our message should not exclude anyone except those that want to divide and conquer us.  We are all outreach.  OUTREACH TO EVERYONE. 

Thank you again for your patience, and impatience, John McGloin