Sent time:   Sunday, October 09, 2011 7:34:22 AM
Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] Important Note

Due to having a more than full time job and a daughter entering HS, and the fact that I am trying to do outreach on Staten Island, I am not always able to get to the General Assembly, and when I get there it is not easy to find the working groups that I need at that time, and it seems it is very difficult to get ideas on the GA agenda without finding those woring groups. 
The website is becoming a better place to interface with working groups and to get information on what the GA is doing, but it has been a long time coming and this google group has been an important way to interface with the movement.  Many important conversations happen here.
I have always been aware that not everyone in the movement is on the group.  It may be a good idea to start moving these discussions off to the website, and I have been going there also, but there is now a core group here that has been working together on this for a long time, and this will be the first place i come for a while after this.
thnx, john
On 10/09/11, Amin Husain<> wrote:

I want people on this google group to know that though great conversations are happening here, one should not rely on this forum as a mass dissemination outlet for those ideas.  I am told, to my surprise (and someone correct me if I am wrong), that there are less than 300 people on this google group.  That is not good.  The best way to make sure thoughts, observations, feedback, suggestions, proposals, etc., regarding the movement are disseminated and acted upon is to share them with working groups, info desk, and/or general assembly.  Please keep this in mind.  I have been trying to forward certain email threads to those that I think can benefit from it, like PR or info, but I am not doing it all the time and won't due to the lack of time.